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Hello Loves,

In light of the new year, I thought I would share what’s in my gym bag.  I have found it is extremely hard to make excuses for not going to the gym when you have everything that you need in ONE cute, functional bag.  So let’s stick to our goals and hit it hard this year!

My gym bag was a Christmas present from my parents. It is from Lululemon and worth every penny! Being a gal on the go, I have to pack a lot of stuff with me for my gym sessions.  When I’m on my grind, I workout right before work, so that means packing work clothes, hygiene items, plus my other gym necessities.  This bag truly fits it all!  Even though it is a little bit on the pricier side, this is a piece that will be used a lot, so in my opinion it was worth every penny.  I will carry it for many years and here’s why.

Imagine a gym bag designed for office travel commute and made totally out of vinyl materials.  Even though the bag is white, it will stay clean because of the slick surface material making it easy to wipe the dirt and grossness right off.  I also loved the pockets on the outside of the bag(where a wet umbrella can be placed) and the multiple pockets on the inside including one for laptop storage… perfect for someone who likes a place for everything and a way to keep sweaty gear separate.  It has a zipper pull which comes off and can double for an emergency hair tie which many Lululemon products for women have.  I love the modern design.  If you know me well, black and white are my ascetic choices.  Extremely grateful my parents gifted me such a nice bag for my passion of a healthy lifestyle. I just checked and this bag is sold out at Lululemons.

 HERE is the link to the bag on eBay.

What’s Inside my Bag:

1. My Workout Planner (Amazon)

2. Resistance Bands (Amazon — 3 Christmases ago)

3. Protein Bar (“One” bars are the best. Trader Joe’s sells them for $1.99)

4. Scrunchies — No more hair ties for this girl! (Lululemon)

5. Deodorant Wipes (Target and life-changing)

6. Body Mist (Target)

7. Hair Brush (Wet Brush from Target)

8. Chapstick

9. Lotion (Target travel size is perfect so you can leave things in your bag and not having to repack)

10. GermX

11. Advil/Excedrin

12. Water and PreWorkout

13. Headphones (Bryce’s, Thanks Dude)

14. Dry Shampoo

One question I receive often is about workout routines and nutritional information (diet). I am far from an expert and I believe what works well for one doesn’t always work well for others. So, with that being said I thought it would be best to share some of my favorite fitness products and inspiration instead. Navigating a healthy lifestyle is a journey that I am always changing, trying new things, and learning what works for me at this particular moment in my life. You will create a formula that you can stick with based on your needs and lifestyle. I will say diet is 80% of the key component. We are what we eat!

  • Favorite Protein Brand: Idealfitcreated by women made for women. I always buy vanilla protein powder to throw in smoothies or oatmeal. I cannot drink it straight anymore.
  • Favorite Youtube Fitness Inspiration:Whitney Simmons (I use many of her workouts in the gym)
  • Favorite Healthy Snacks: One protein bars or a high protein smoothie (there’s a great smoothie spot on Anitoch in the Northland)
  • Favorite Kansas City Gym: Hands down I LOVE Freight House Fitness in the West Bottoms
  • Favorite Muscle Group to Workout: Back Days are my favorite. I was a diver in high school and in gymnastics. Our muscles have memory and when I focus on back muscles, I see improvement.
  • Favorite Exercise: Lateral Pull Downs—pull the bar really slow, so you feel it in your muscles.
  • What Supplements I Use: The only supplement I use on a consistent basis, is protein powder. On occasion, I will use pre-workout because it truly does help with some of my sleepy workouts. Click HERE the pre-workout I use!
  • Best Workout Wear: I prefer Lululemons leggings. Gymshark has some great pieces but their leggings fit weird in the crotch on me.
  • What I listen to as I workout: (besides Bryce saying, “No, I set that up for you, heavier weights”) During any type of cardio with exception to spin, I listen to podcasts. The reason is because I have a tendency to move with the beat of the music. When I lift weights, I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for that day. Sometimes I’m loving old school Nicki Minaj and other times it’s Panic at the Disco on repeat! Variety is the spice to life!

Getting a workout in can be low on your list of priorities.  However, seeing a gym bag packed and ready to head out the door helps you keep your goals literally in sight. Wishing you much success as you tackle your fitness goals this year. Please remember, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” I’m working on that! Much Love! See you in the same spot next Wednesday!


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