Hello loves,

It has been awhile since my last post, so here’s a recap of My Favorite Valentine’s Day Ever and My Thoughts on the “L” word LOVE.

Don’t flea because the mention of the word. This post is not just about how Bryce and I celebrated February 14 or bragging about what he does for me (although he is incredible).  It’s about the bigger picture.  What I have learned from my not so perfect life that turned out to be better than I could of dreamt of.

Here’s what I know about LOVE.

It grows slowly and is nurtured with great care, honesty, and kindness. Although we look for love, it isn’t something we find. It is an emotion we feel and an action we show. Anything that happens quick isn’t love… not love yet anyways. Yes, there are many types of love.  Love for your family, for your friends, love for Reece’s Peanut-butter Cups. I’m talking about the Love you feel for that significant other that takes you off guard when it happens. It’s the

Love that is built on the foundation of Truth, Trust, and Respect. Without those qualities, the love you thought you had falls into the category of infatuation instead.  It’s kind of like baking a cake but leaving out one of the key ingredients like sugar or flour.  If you think about a past relationship fail, I bet that one of those 3 ingredients were missing.

The ancient Greeks called Love “the madness of the gods.” They weren’t far off because being madly in love is pure Disney Magic including the fireworks.  


It is someone standing by your side and telling you not to give up (your cheerleader in good times and bad times).

It is someone who buys you a toothbrush and oatmeal so you have the necessities at their place.

It is someone who listens and gives you the time you need to develop into the person you are becoming (no rushing, no pushing, no judging) Just support.

 It someone who never complains that it takes you 100 years to get ready and secretly loves taking a photo for goodbyes at the airport (Bryce and I have a collection).

It is someone who listens to what you ate that day, what you purchased on Amazon, or a really dull story that you think is funny but others wouldn’t get.

It is someone who is not afraid to be themselves around you in their purest form.

It is someone who makes you want to do better and be better.

It is someone who buys you 50 roses and then asks if he needs to go buy more because the vase doesn’t look filled enough.

It is someone saying, “Do not worry, we are in this together.”

It is someone who you can learn from.

It is someone you can argue with and realize that what you are fighting about is dumb.

It is someone who feeds your coffee, chocolate, or sour gummy worm obsession.

It is someone who takes the time to get to know you before throwing out, “I love you.” Just because your dating doesn’t mean that you need to say it.  Let the powerful word have value.

It is someone who will find your fake eyelashes on the floor and put them in a safe spot for you.

It is someone who loves to explore and is just as curious as you.

It is someone who does not want to fall asleep without you.

It is someone who slides into your dm’s after 2 years of dating.

It is someone who you don’t care if they have the flu on Valentine’s Day or if you have a wonderful dinner at your favorite restaurant, it is still incredible just sharing it with them.

Be careful who you give your heart to.  The right person is worth the wait. The minute you learn to love yourself, is the minute love will walk through your door.

That’s what I know…


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