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Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Bryce and I had the experience of a lifetime this past weekend. We were invited to a soft opening for a food hall that recently opened up in the Crossroads of Kansas City. Let me just say… it was nothing short of incredible!

Imagine a hipster/foodie/artist ran cafeteria … I was in heaven.

Parlor is offering the Kansas City Crossroads a new dinning concept, and it totally rocked my world with the idea of food truck vendors literally under one roof. The walls of the restaurant welcomed you with vibrant murals, and the space itself was homey in the good sense — meaning it offered nooks and crannies with cozy, intimate seating areas that were well thought out for conversations. Everything from the food to the drinks to even the bathrooms were Instagrammable #priorities. Why is it that hip places always have the most awesome bathrooms that you find yourself taking pictures in?

With Bryce and I both being self-proclaimed foodies, we had to try everything (it was a struggle). Parlor features seven different restaurant vendors and two craft bars. So there was a lot of food to try and many drinks to be drank that night. I can assure you though that each restaurant offers a dish that will leave your mouth watering. We tried Scandinavian food, Korean, pizza, gourmet hotdogs, and even fried chicken. It’s like the Cheesecake Factory’s menu was just divided up into their own individual restaurants (and was 100 times better) so literally everyone can be happy, even your pickiest friend.

My favorite dish of the night had to be the empanadas. I don’t always use the words “life-changing” to talk about food but oh my gosh… IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. You can treat yourself to these at Karbon located on the second floor of Parlor. Also located on the second floor is an outdoor patio with views of downtown Kansas City and a shuffleboard floor layout for your entertainment. The evening Parlor welcomed us into their doors, the Kansas City skyline was on full display showing off an incredible orange sunset (it knew something special was happening LOL). So Bryce and I enjoyed the view while indulging ourselves with delicious food and drinks.

When you enter the first floor of Parlor, you will be greeted with a living room type space for gathering. It has a cozy vibe that would be perfect for meeting friends after work or even for a study session/group project work. A huge fireplace creates a snug, intimate feeling. It will be the perfect spot to warm up and reconnect with my Kansas City friends and family this winter.

After giving each other the look of “we-shouldn’t-be-eating-anymore-food-but-don’t-judge-me” face, Bryce and I decided that we obviously needed a drink. I was torn between ordering a tequila rose or a Manhattan because both sounded delightful. The bartenders and owner recommended the Manhattan to me. It was the “Cherry on Top.”

Parlor exceeded every expectation that I had of a dining experience. They are having an official grand opening THIS Friday, September 21st. You will definitely spy Bryce and I there after our Fall Out Boy Concert.  I hope you give your tastebuds a treat because Parlor will live up to its name and welcome you with open foodie arms. Cheers to a new hip and culinary delightful addition to the Kansas City skyline. We are fortunate to be a part of such an incredible restaurant community.

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