Wedding Dress Shopping With A Group


Hi Loves,

I’m getting married abroad Summer 2022. With that being said, not all my family and friends will be able to attend our ceremony. Wedding dress shopping was a perfect opportunity to unite my loved ones so they feel a part of our special day.

I wanted to share how I planned and organized wedding dress shopping with a large group of guests. I looked all over Pinterest and the internet for ideas. Surprisedly, there weren’t many tips or tricks to navigate preparing for a large party of gown goers. It can be overwhelming and many people will advise against it haha, but at the end of the day all that matters is how you feel in the dress you choose.


Prior to the scheduled date for gown shopping, I went to as many bridal stores as possible so I could narrow down my search. I didn’t want to overwhelm my guests, the stores, or even myself. I needed a clear vision of what I was looking for in a gown. This helped me eliminate styles. I think this is an important piece. You are establishing a connection with the bridal store, narrowing down your style and showing only the gowns you love to your guests.


My invitation was simple. I individually texted each person. No fancy invite was needed. I did include a schedule, a meeting place and what to wear.

Here’s the schedule I created:

I was fortunate to have both dress stores within walking distance to one another. This made for a fun day in Kansas City. I reached out to both dress stores and made arrangements for the amount of guests that would be attending. Both stores were prepared and welcoming. 

Wedding Dress Shopping Survival Kit

My mom made each person attending a survival kit. I thought this was the coolest idea. It was personable and useful. If you are having family and friends dress shopping with you, I can’t recommend more creating these special welcoming gifts. 

Here’s What’s in the Bag:

  • Mini tissues (Walmart)
  • Mini water bottles, not as heavy to carry (Walmart)
  • Ring pop suckers (Party City)
  • Sweet and salty snack pack (Walmart)
  • Shot glass that said “Bride Tribe” (Party City) with mini alcohol bottle
  • A current photo of Bryce and I (printed at Walgreens)
  • Hand Clappers (Hobby Lobby)
  • Bride Tribe headband (Party City)
  • A bell/ribbon stick (Hobby Lobby)
  • A souvenir bag of Scottish goods — we are getting married in Scotland. This idea could be cute for any city you are having your wedding. (Purchased goods from Amazon) The gift bag was from the Dollar Tree. I photoshopped Bryce’s face on a Scottish Lad for fun!

My mom also packed 2 bottles of Champagne and plastic champagne flutes so we could celebrate after shopping. Opening the champagne in an outside courtyard was such a nice way to end our day and take a few photos together. 

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Games are such a great way to bring people together who may not know each other well. My mom created a quick Selfie Scavenger Hunt which my guests loved. Each person was given a partner and a list of which selfies to get. 

The game had everyone involved and it created such fun memories like being serenaded by Post Malone’s doppelgänger in an alleyway. 10 out 10 recommend. 

If you are curious, I did not buy my dress that day. I’m a slow decision maker and didn’t want my guests waiting for me. I like to weigh my options for a few days. I wish everyone luck finding that special gown. It’s the one dress you’ll always remember. 

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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