Trend Alert: Subtle Neon


Hello Loves,

Neon is like black licorice — either you LOVE it or you HATE it. I happen to love it!  However, it needs to be added to an existing wardrobe in subtleties. The Kardashians brought the fluorescent colors to attention this fall.  Paris Fashion Week is where the trend caught my eye with Prada, Gucci, Oscar De La Renta, and Christian Dior accenting their designs with the 80’s favorite color. The highlighter greens and yellows felt so fresh and bright after a long dull winter.  It didn’t take long before PLT, Princess Polly, and Forever 21 were on the neon train making it affordable to pick up a few pieces to mix into your closet. The key to wearing neon is to style it in small doses and not head-to-toe.  Here are some tips and tricks for incorporating neon into outfits you already have. Get ready to turn some heads with screaming pops of color.    

Tip #1: Start small with your nails or even an accessory. 

Neon does not have to be a statement piece.  It can be something as simple as a line on your nails. See how comfortable you are with the color before spending your money on something that you may not like.

Tip #2: Do NOT invest a lot of money in trend pieces.

Instead of paying $14 for a neon green belt that I know won’t get much use, I headed to the thrift store and found one for $1.  Little did I know it was a baseball belt … but hey, it works and you would never realize that it wasn’t intended to style with a trendy outfit (unless you’re Bryce).  Neon purses and jewelry can be easily found while thrifting because LBH, this isn’t the first time this trend has had a moment. 

Tip #3: Wear neon with neutrals.

One can N.E.V.E.R. go wrong with neutrals.  Pairing your trend piece with beige, tan, black or white will look effortless and still give you those “showstopper” looks.  The focus of your outfit will shift to the neon color but allow your eyes to rest with the addition of neutrals.

Tip #4: Buy basics in the trend color.

Sticking to basic pieces in trend colors allows you to make the trend work anywhere.  It won’t be too avant-garde for work, and you can still dress it up for a night out.  Basics are the absolute best because they work with anything and everything.  Trend clothing pieces typically pair nicely with just a few things in your closet.

Tip #5: Have fun with it & be confident.

Just be you and flaunt that neon like you own it!

Shine brighter than the sun with your neon pieces this spring and summer.  And remember, don’t spend a lot on trendy fashion.  Add them to any wardrobe through accessories and basics.  Hope this inspired you to add one neon piece to your closet.  I know you will rock the trend with your personal style.  As always, I hope this added value to your life.  See you next week, Babes.  Same place same time.


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