Happy Friday my dudes!

I don’t understand why receiving a package on a Friday is better than any other day, but let me tell you…it…is…magical! It’s like the maraschino cherry on top of a Sonic blast kinda sweetness you get. Mail delivery is not too common for me. Now for my boyfriend, I consider him and Amazon Prime in an exclusive relationship.

Although I so badly want to tell you what I received today, I am saving it for a post that will be happening in February. For those of you wondering, it does deal with Valentine’s Day and sadly it is not lingerie. Hopefully I didn’t let you down too much.

Today and this past week I have been focusing a lot of my time preparing and prepping for things to come. With 98 days left until my college graduation I cannot stop thinking about the little card you get that has “ADULT” stamped all over it. C’mon now, you know what I’m talking about! That card that says, “Okay time to grow up! Get ready to work for the next 40 years of your life and pay excessive amounts of bills that your parents no longer help you with.” Wow. I can’t wait for that day to come. I am truly so so excited (picture no emotion).

With that thought consuming my mind I have decided that my “start” to adulthood better be real fun and exciting. Obviously the first thing anyone should do to kick this thing off is to book a flight to Europe and hey why not Canada too? So that’s my plan. Well hopefully it works out, because if I’m going to be poor and unemployed for a while, I better be living the life traveling the world. After I go get a ginger ale with Jameson in Ireland, then visit Big Ben, and go to a castle in Scotland, then I will get…

a job


Dublin Ireland
Doughnuts in Dublin Ireland

Now this plan of mine, sounds wonderful. It is literal music to my ears and makes me want to cry tears of joy because it’s so beautiful. Just hearing the word travel sends little butterflies to my stomach. Fingers and toes crossed that this actually works out because I have no idea how I am going to handle adult life when I graduate college still not legal to drink.

To be completely honest though, the chances of all of this happening are very slim. I would have to work my little boo-tay off to be able to afford something like that and pray to the picker of jobs god to find a great place to work at.

Gosh, I hate being so realistic sometimes. #IAMADREAMER

So with all of this stuff being said, let’s make a toast to the fine words of Sarah Knight…

“get your SH*T together”

I have learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and so can you. We all have big dreams and desire to live them out. LET’S DO THIS!

Kerry Ireland


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