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There is something to be said about the power of manifesting your desires. It goes hand in hand with the law of attraction and actively thinking about what you want.

This is a story about connections. It’s also about trusting the earth’s timing, finding purpose, and shifting the focus from yourself to someone else.

Our story begins on the second week of December at our new home in the River Market. I was on my way to pick up an Amazon order from our building’s leasing office when I saw a black and white spotted Great Dane (Olivia) in the distance. I flagged down its owner (Greg) to ask if I could pet her. This is the very moment where my life changed.

Let me explain. The River Market is a little community like New York’s Greenwich Village. Everyone greets one another and small talk is as natural as a morning coffee. Dogs are more plentiful than children in the area. You take time to meet your neighbors and feel invested in the community you live in.

When I met Olivia the Great Dane, her owner was quiet and allowed me to interrupt their evening stroll. I had so many questions about Olivia that Greg took his headphones out and shared his wealth of knowledge. He noticed that I lit up like a lightbulb on a Christmas tree when talking about how I have always loved Great Danes.

I am the type of person who tells their entire life story in five seconds without breathing, so I explained how when growing up my childhood neighborhood had the most rambunctious Great Dane, Bronx, and some of my best memories were running the streets with him before his owners realized he had escaped again.

Here’s where talking to a random stranger during a chance meeting changed my world.

Greg said, “You are never going to believe this. I met a lady who is a photographer and looking for a home for her female Blue Great Dane.”

“Oddly enough, I ended up keeping her business card – it’s magnetic and on my fridge. I feel like this would be a really great fit so if you give me your information, I’ll make sure to send it to her.”

All night long, I dreamed about what my life could look like with a Great Dane. I also thought about what if I never hear anything about it —

The very next day I was working at my desk and received a DM on Instagram. The owner of the Great Dane that Greg spoke about wrote me about meeting Sky . Ginormous tears filled up my eyes. Connecting with Greg and Olivia was life-changing. Within seconds of reading the message – before I even responded back to the DM, I texted Bryce and told him everything.

We are both dog people and knew that we wanted one eventually, but we weren’t sure if we were ready yet for that responsibility. We wanted to be able to provide the best life for any dog.

After countless hours of researching and making sure we could afford having a new family member, we met Sky and fell in love.

This is us sleeping together at our first sleepover.

At the beginning of January, she was officially ours.

This was completely unexpected in the BEST possible way. We celebrated her “adoption day” with a trip to Three Dogs Bakery on the Plaza.

Although Bryce and I adopted her, she actually rescued me. Sky gave me purpose. Last year was so incredibly difficult for me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sky has helped me realize who I am and what I was put on this earth to do.

Every morning she sits by me while I do my makeup. I pretend to put makeup on her as well because that’s what all girls do and she loves it. We also do our hair together and pretend to take off her makeup every night. She rests her head on the sink as I brush my hair because she wants hers brushed too. My heart can’t handle it.

Sky is four years old, five in March, and acts like a puppy. Bryce and I can’t get enough of her. We go on daily walks through the River Market. She has a new found love for peanut butter treats and the butcher shop where the owner gives her housemade dog treats. She also now plays with toys, something she used to not do. My mom surprises her with a new toy every time she comes over, so Sky has a whole basket of toys to choose from.

She is so loved.

I look back on the day when I decided to talk to Greg and how that very defined moment changed my life. If I wouldn’t have decided to get my package at that time or he wouldn’t have been heading back home, our adoption might not have ever happened. Take a moment and put yourself out there. It’s our connection with others that makes life beautiful. We met a couple this weekend in the River Market. They referred to Greg and Olivia as the mascots of our community. I couldn’t agree more.

Some stories do have happy endings. This is one of them.

Until next time, spread kindness.



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