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Hi Loves,

In true Taurus fashion, I have expensive taste however, I am always looking for ways to save a little money. There are certain brands I would never be able to buy at full price. For Love & Lemons (one of my favorite clothing brands of all time) is one of those. Where do I find 95% of my FLL’s clothes? Poshmark and Depop.

This post will highlight what I have learned while using these two apps. 

  • How not to be scammed.
  • What happens when an item you paid for isn’t shipped.
  • How I find deals.
  • Cool sellers to follow on the apps


Poshmark started as a small company in California. It focused on selling used women’s clothing but over the years it has grown to sell items such as beauty products, children, pets and men’s pieces along with home goods. Poshmark is geared towards Millennials. Use my code HEYYYYITSHAYDEN for $10 off your first Poshmark purchase.

Tips When Buying on Poshmark

  1. Start by searching your favorite brands (For Love and Lemons, Aviator Nation, I Am Gia, Free People, Gucci)
  2. Go further with your search by selecting the drop-down filter tab and select the brand again (otherwise you will see similar tagged brands), select your size, and most importantly select the “Just in” verses the “Just Shared” (this shows the most recent items listed).
  3. Use the like button to save things making it easy to find them again. I use the like button as a shopping list so I can revisit the items I really love.
  4. Do your research on the seller. Read descriptions and see what other items that seller has in their store. Select the About tab to read about the seller. You will learn how fast they ship items. Also, when were they last active on the site.
  5. Purchasing a luxury item on Poshmark is taken seriously. They require the seller to mail the luxury piece to them for inspection. Once confirmed it is authentic, Poshmark sends the item to you. You are protected for a full refund if it doesn’t match the listing description. Orders of $500 or more are eligible for Posh Authenticate.
  6. Pay using PayPal. Do not use Venmo outside of Poshmark or you will most likely be scammed. PayPal is a second means of protecting your money. You can file a claim first with Poshmark and if not satisfied you can file with Paypal. The funds are held until the claim is resolved.

Issues I’ve Encountered While Using Poshmark

The wrong item was sent to me. Poshmark requires the buyer (me) to Accept the Order. Once I accept, then the seller gets paid. When I received the wrong item, I was able to select the Problems/Order Inquiry tab (under the Accept Order button) and it directed me to resolve the issue. Poshmark sent me a return label. Once the item was received by the seller, I was given full credit to my debit card. The entire process took 4 days to resolve. They sent me a 2 day shipping label. I felt like Poshmark went to bat for me. It was the easiest process ever. 

I have had the fastest shipping experience on Poshmark because the seller does not get paid until the tracking shows it’s delivered and the order has been accepted. Poshmarkers are fast at shipping which I’m a fan of. 

Cool Accounts to Follow on Poshmark:

  • Brittany Matthews. @brittanylynne8 (Poshmark name) She has a lot of workout clothes.
  • Youtubers: Maggie Macdonald (@memacdonald), Laura Diy (@laurdiyofficial), Sarah Belle(@Sarahbelle93x), Julia Havens (@jujhavens), and Remi Cruz (@remiashtencruz)
  • Amanda Stanton (@amanda_stantonn)


Depop is a London-based selling app for resale fashion. It’s a mixture of eBay mixed with an Instagram feel (notice the square feed). The app is geared towards Gen Z and Millennials with a thrift store vibe. Depop views itself as an e-commerce store so when you have a problem, it must be disputed through PayPal. Depop doesn’t help the buyer when a seller hasn’t shipped the item or the item is damaged. With that being said, Depop is more risky to buy from. Has it stopped me? NO

Tips When Shopping on Depop:

  1. The most important piece of advice is to use PayPal when checking out on the app. Do not purchase the item from the individual seller on any other platform.
  2. Check the seller reviews. It helps but isn’t full proof.
  3. Don’t buy luxury items because they aren’t authenticated.
  4. If you see where the seller has written in the description to message them before purchasing, they are most likely wanting you to buy privately. When I see “message me before buying” I think red flag and keep scrolling.
  5. Depop has a tagged tab along with a like button. This makes marking things you want a closer look at super easy!
  6. When searching for your favorite brands, use the filter tab to select brand again along with your size. Use the sort tab to select Newly Listed.
  7. If the item hasn’t been shipped in 5 days then message the seller on the app and ask for shipping details such as tracking. After 7 days, you can contact Depop if you haven’t received your item, you would like a refund, or information on buyer protection.

Problems I Have Encountered While Using Depop

My first problem was so bizarre. I was searching for my favorite brand and someone had used my personal picture to sell their item. I was able to get the photo removed by contacting the seller and requesting Depop assistance. Weird…I know.

I recently purchased I.Am.Gia pants that haven’t been shipped after 2 weeks. Depop has been notified. Their response was that the seller has not shown adequate proof the item was shipped and for me to file an expedited claim with PayPal. I did this but PayPal gives the seller, 10 days to show proof and then they review the case. On average it takes 25 days to get your money returned. It’s a pain. PayPal does take action and I should receive compensation. It makes you frustrated because you wouldn’t of purchased the pants if you didn’t want them and finding these items again which are no longer available on the website or in your size is nearly impossible. After this experience, I have purchased 2 more items and the sellers couldn’t have been more helpful and quick to ship. 

Sellers I’m Following on Depop

  • Tana Mongeau (@shoptanamongeau)
  • Keaton Milburn (@keatonmilburn)
  • Victoria Paris (@victoriaparisf)
  • Olivia Jade (@oliviajadebeauty)
  • Kalista Dwyer (@kalistadwyer)
  • Emma Chamberlain (@emmachambie)
  • Allegra Shaw (@allegra_shaw)

I find shopping on these apps similar to treasure hunting. It’s the one place I can search when an item is out of stock on the brand’s website. I have purchased everything from swimwear, boots, Dr. Martens, clothing, coats, to jewelry from both sites. I hope my experiences help you navigate Depop and Poshmark. Reach out if you have questions. Stay thrifty!

Until Next time, Spread Kindness.


For Love & Lemons Blouse from Poshmark
Hitched Leather Jacket from Depop
Two Piece For Love and Lemons Set from Poshmark
For Love & Lemons Dress from Poshmark


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