The Outfits that Braved a Chicago Winter Storm


Hi Loves,

My hands are still defrosting from a long weekend in snowy, windy Chicago. A little winter storm did not stop our bachelorette group from partying the night (and days) away. To indirectly quote Elsa, the cold never bothered us anyway.

I find it interesting how quickly outfits change when they become less about aesthetics and centered on practicability and warmth. Not to say you can’t wear cute clothes during a snowstorm, but layers—even ones that are not visible to the eye—are just as important if not more than the outer layer. When packing for this trip, my goal was to find an even balance between warmth and keeping a sort of playfulness. Here’s an inside look at my packing breakdown for a long weekend in Chicago during winter.

Everything I Packed for a Winter Trip to Chicago

Does it make me a bad fashionista if I don’t always pack with a color scheme in mind? Because, I don’t. They come to me naturally. Sometimes I think it can be helpful, other times it feels limiting. When packing for this trip, I was dreaming of wearing my black faux fur BCBGMaxazria coat. It has a distinct vibe, so naturally, my outfits had to match it. Halfway through packing I realized that I had created a color scheme of black and silver for myself. #proud It’s giving the 90s.

Towards the end of the process, I decided I needed a little color so my final outfit of the trip was very bright and included zero black. I feel like I should also note that my pajamas didn’t fit the scheme as well. I wish I could say that I go to bed looking uber-chic in an all-black outfit, but in reality, I sleep in my oversized horse girl shirts. What can I say? I’m the product of a farmer and horse rider.

Aside from color schemes and silver accessories, I had to pack for warmth. I brought with me several tights to wear underneath everything from dresses and yes…shorts. I even packed a full-length bodysuit to wear under my jeans one day. Boots and beanies were my friends in Chicago. You never realize how much a beanie keeps your head warm until you go without it. The times that I did, I brought my balaclava with me.

If you’re a midwesterner like myself, please remember: “They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter.” -Italian proverb

Until next time, spread kindness.



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