The Greatest Showman Costume


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Feast your eyes on the center ring for a costume that is sure to delight circus fans big and small. It is from a company called Roma, and I purchased it on eBay. Used costumes are so much cheaper. The beauty is that most people only wear them once for an event. I have certainly got my monies worth from this particular costume. It has been worn three Halloweens thus far. I truly love it. I tried to get Bryce last year to be a lion for a couples costume but he wanted no part of it! LOL! That’s okay … because I left my accessory, the whip, in the Pub and he retrieved it.  Not all heroes wear capes.

Here’s the breakdown to create your own Greatest Showman costume:

The Roma Costume came with: the hat, red jacket, black bodysuit, and a whip. That’s it folks!

The Hat: A perfect fit!

The Jacket: It was not the nice quality I had hoped for.  I took sequins and glued them with E6000 adhesive along the tails of the coat. I added gold trim and replaced the buttons with bigger ones. All easy fixes. The shoulder detail was included on the costume. I made a medal using an old elementary school award and a ribbon plus hot glue. All pieces could be glued to the jacket. I sewed mine for more stability. You could recreate this entire jacket by purchasing a red suit coat from the thrift store and adding embellishments.

The bodysuit: It was embellished with gold accents. I did nothing to it. I wasn’t comfortable just wearing a bodysuit out and a jacket so I found black, high-waisted shorts from Windsor that worked well.

The shorts and stockings: Purchased online from Windsor.

Whip: Included

Choker: A piece of velvet ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

The Boots: My favorite Aldo boots.

Gold Hoop Earrings: Forever 21

I think this costume would be the easiest one to recreate with things you have in your closet and a few thrift store finds!

One sleep Spooks until Halloween! Tune in tomorrow for one more Halloween Treat!


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