Teeth Whitening For Coffee Stains


Hello Loves,

Today I am going to be sharing a topic that I’m a little sensitive about … my teeth.  Since I was a little girl, I have struggled with my feelings toward my smile.  Several times I remember standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth with baking soda in an attempt to whiten my teeth and reduce the redness in my gums.  In college I lived off of Crest Whitening Strips and saw no change whatsoever in my enamel color.  It was frustrating.  In every photo I would pick myself apart because of my smile or more specifically the stained color of my teeth.

Oh — and if you know me — you know I love COFFEE more than anything.  The coffee stains on my teeth are just as real as my love for the tasty drink itself.

As dramatic as this sounds, my hope for a bright white smile was lost.  I felt like no matter what I did, how often I brushed my teeth, and stayed away from foods/drinks that left stains, I just couldn’t win!

*Insert an even more dramatic pause

*Enter scene: Smile Brilliant (AKA the Hero)

Within a week of using Smile Brilliant, my teeth were noticeably whiter.  I could not believe how quickly my teeth went from being something I was so embarrassed about to something that I actually wanted to flaunt.

Normally, whitening with trays can lead to sensitivity but I experienced none with Smile Brilliant and I used it every night for a week for more than 45 minutes.  It was fabulous because as I was performing my nighttime routine, I could slip them in, read a chapter in my book, take them out, and call it a night. It’s like going to the dentist and having a professional whiten your teeth, but half the time and you can do it in the comforts of your home.

Oh … and I also loved the fact that I was still able to talk while I had the trays in my mouth.  So many times, especially with the whitening strips, it is so difficult to talk, and your mouth becomes a pool of saliva.  It’s nasty and nobody wants that.

Before I say anything else, I HAVE to mention the customer service at Smile Brilliant.

In order to receive your custom whitening trays, you have to create molds of your teeth.  If you are a worry wort like me and concerned that your molds are not correct, they encourage you to take a photo of them and send it in. They actually try to help you!  And if you run out of the materials you need to make the mold, they send you more free of charge.

I have absolutely loved my experience with Smile Brilliant and want to give you a chance for a FREE whitening kit.  Make sure to click HERE to be entered in a contest with Smile Brilliant. You’ll be entered to WIN the same exact WHITENING KIT I used.  Please share if you use this product and love it! Any time you make a purchase from Smile Brilliant, make sure to use my code: haydenmward15 for 15% off store wide!

May the odds be in your favor 🙂 and your teeth be pearly white.

Top: Before Smile Brilliant

Bottom: After Using Smile Brilliant Tooth Whitening Gel


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