Kansas City’s Hidden Gem – Restless Spirits

You need to check out Restless Spirits Distillery. It is tucked into the parking lot, and the moment you walk into their door, be ready to be greeted with melodic Irish music and the whiff of incredible whiskey.

Let’s Throw A Party

Todays post is about my Birthday Celebration. The entire Who, Where, What, Why, and How kinda ShaaBang and the idea came from all your direct messages on Instagram. Before I jump in to the post, I just wanted to thank everyone for making my night so special.

Coffee Talk: A Guide To Kansas City Coffee

Coffee is the foundation of my food pyramid. It is an addiction that I share with so many of you. I’ve had to learn some balance with it like I do everything in life. So, I try not to have it every single day. When I do have that beautiful latte or a pour-over cup of roasted, deliciousness, so much appreciation and admiration goes towards that perfectly brewed cup. From the incredible designs to the exquisite aroma, and unique coffeehouse experience. Coffee is art.