Merry Market Kansas City

Merry Market KC

It’s time to get shopping! A great way to keep your holiday shopping list completely local is by checking out Strawberry Swing’s Merry Market in the City Market.

On Common Grounds: Meshing Decor With Your Partner

Today I wanted to share some of my tips for meshing your home decor with your partner’s. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but when you discover your “couple” style, you’ve hit a pot of gold.

Kansas City Holiday Light Guide Tour

With many of us being at home and looking for safe activities, I thought this would be the perfect time to compile a list of KC’s best holiday lights.

Kansas City Gift Guide

Hopefully this helps with your last minute Christmas shopping this year or maybe just discover a new favorite small business. Keep supporting our Kansas City gems.

How To Organize Your Home (And Life)

Moving into a new space can cause organizational nightmares. Everything that had a place in your previous apartment is now homeless at the new one.

Our Empty KC Apartment Tour

I wanted to share with you the string of events that brought Bryce and me to our new home. There’s a children’s book called Goodnight Opus that my mom read to us (Sutton and I) thousands and thousands of times. The message was you never know what life has in store for you if you don’t sometimes deviate from the plan.

Staycation In Independence, Missouri

Growing up in Kansas City, it was very common to visit Independence, Missouri for school trips and educational experiences. I went there a lot as a little girl and haven’t really “toured” the town since the age of 12.

Kansas City’s Hidden Gem – Restless Spirits

You need to check out Restless Spirits Distillery. It is tucked into the parking lot, and the moment you walk into their door, be ready to be greeted with melodic Irish music and the whiff of incredible whiskey.