Marie Antoinette Wore a Ship!

A creative take on a Marie Antoinette Halloween costume

Hi Loves, Let them eat cake! When I’m not thinking about cake, I like to reminisce on this Halloween costume from 2022. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to top it! From the massive ship on my head to the pearl-lined hoop skirt—it’s a forever favorite. Let’s break it down. The Ship Marie […]

A Modern Take on Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka

Hi Loves, Happy Halloween! As much as I love Timothee Chalamet and Johnny Depp, they have nothing on Gene Wilder when it comes to Willy Wonka. The charm, quirkiness and eerie vibe he gives off is pure magic. He may be a little irrational and bizarre but all the best people are. The hype revolving […]

Halloween Cloche DIY

DIY Halloween Cloche

My Halloween decor took a dark turn this year, which lead me to gravitate towards bringing in elements of nature. I wanted it to feel like the curiosities were haunted.

Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

Hi Loves, Have you ever been sucked into scrolling the tablescape section on Pinterest? If the answer is yes, we are soul sisters. I start browsing the app and three hours later (Spongebob voice) has passed. The table setting I created for my little cocktail party was inspired by Pinterest. However, the budget was a thrift […]

Halloween Cocktail Competition

I have watched numerous cocktail competitions between friends, coworkers, and siblings on TikTok. Many of the competitions were themed.

Scooby Doo and the Gang Costumes

Ruh-roh! “Danger-Prone Daphne is NOT stuck again” this Halloween. She created a costume for her and the gang to wear. Today’s post is going to unravel the mystery of where everything is from. Clue: You may find some of the pieces in your closet! “Scooby-Doody-Doo Where are you? We got some work to do now.” […]

2021 Halloween Apartment Tour

Hello Loves, We spooked up our apartment with affordable holiday decor.   So “welcome, foolish mortals to the Haunted Apartment.  I am you host, your ghost host. Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone.  There’s no turning back now”…. (said in my Corey Burton voice) Front Door The creepy spiders made […]

DIY Spooky Halloween Wreath

Spooky Wreath DIY

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, a Hall-o-ween Wreath. You see them everywhere from Walmart to Michael’s Craft Store; everyone has a version of a Halloween wreath. Depending on your vibe and your budget you may fall into the same category as myself. I couldn’t afford the wreath I really loved […]

Harry Potter Floating Candles DIY

Harry Potter Floating Candles

Nawww, I don’t think you understand. I’m OBSESSED. Last year, when I was scrolling through Instagram, a Pottery Barn Halloween ad caught my attention. Floating candles from the Great Hall to illuminate your home including a remote control for over $100. Not in my wee holiday decor budget. So, I made my own. I’m sharing what products […]

Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

After much thought of trying to figure out how Sky could join the costume gang, we decided that because she has such big teeth, a big nose, and big eyes, she would make a perfect big, bad wolf disguised as a grandma.