75 Hard Style Challenge

I’m forcing myself to get dressed every single day for 75 days and not rot in my pink robe. That’s right, I’m partaking in Mandy Lee’s 75 Hard Style Challenge, not to get it twisted with the 75 Hard Challenge.

5 Different Ways to Style Rosettes

black silk rosette in hair

Exaggerated accessories just like the rosette trend couldn’t be more present. If you’ve wanted to join in on the trend but are hesitant about styling larger pieces, here are a few ideas.

Versace Platform Heels DIY

Versace DIY Platform Heels

When I first laid eyes on them, it felt like a life or death moment. These shoes weren’t even a need they were a use in order to keep my existence on earth. Unfortunately they are quite pricey, but as I stated earlier, it was a life or death situation…

DIY Versace Embellished Blazer

versace blazer

The Versace embellished blazer has taken over my life. Ever since I laid eyes on Megan Fox strutting around in it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the ensemble.

Christmas Outfit Inspiration

It’s Christmas Eve and I am so excited! I wanted to share some outfit inspiration for tomorrow. Each look is styled depending on how you spend your day… staying in pajamas, going to a causal lunch, or a dressy dinner.

Kansas City Holiday Fashion

December is the one month where it’s completely acceptable to BE EXTRA, especially in the fashion department. Here’s some inspiration for your next holiday outing in Kansas City.

Shoes I’m Loving: Fall 2021

Favorite Shoes for Fall 2021

I want to share my most-worn, favorite fall shoes. They may make your Christmas wishlist because of their versatility. I’m loving bold, practical, classic styled shoes.  

Scooby Doo and the Gang Costumes

Ruh-roh! “Danger-Prone Daphne is NOT stuck again” this Halloween. She created a costume for her and the gang to wear. Today’s post is going to unravel the mystery of where everything is from. Clue: You may find some of the pieces in your closet! “Scooby-Doody-Doo Where are you? We got some work to do now.” […]

Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

After much thought of trying to figure out how Sky could join the costume gang, we decided that because she has such big teeth, a big nose, and big eyes, she would make a perfect big, bad wolf disguised as a grandma.