Scooby Doo and the Gang Costumes

Ruh-roh! “Danger-Prone Daphne is NOT stuck again” this Halloween. She created a costume for her and the gang to wear. Today’s post is going to unravel the mystery of where everything is from. Clue: You may find some of the pieces in your closet! “Scooby-Doody-Doo Where are you? We got some work to do now.” […]

Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

After much thought of trying to figure out how Sky could join the costume gang, we decided that because she has such big teeth, a big nose, and big eyes, she would make a perfect big, bad wolf disguised as a grandma.

Hamilton: The Costume

The original idea was a Pinterest pin from Yandy Costumes, way before the movie was ever released. They created an Ali Hamilton Costume. I loved it and tried to buy it on Poshmark, but at $90 it was pricey and gone at the blink of an eye.

The Greatest Showman Costume

Feast your eyes on the center ring for a costume that is sure to delight circus fans big and small. It is from a company called Roma, and I purchased it on eBay.

Spilling The Tea On Halloween Costumes

I think that costumes are all in the details. The small little elements are what draw me to the look. I love taking a basic store bought costume to the next level and personalizing it.