A Note To The Girl Who Is Going To College

To help prepare for the next best four years of your life, I put together a short list of things I learned in college that changed the game for me. Some things I wish I had known, so I’m sharing that wisdom with you.

Glamming Up Game Day Attire

Forget football, it’s a fashion show down there! Maybe because I’m a college graduate now and want a more polished game day look, these Southern Belle’s had me rethinking my own style.

Big Girl School Supplies

I’m sharing what makes my heart tingle every single August/September … SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  Although I’m not walking around campus with my binders and my heavy AF backpack, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t need any supplies.


It is about all of things I have learned by being twenty. I graduated from college at 20 years old, so I feel highly qualified to relay all of the information I learned back to you. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Closing One Door & Opening Another (Room Tour)

T-minus 19 days until graduation! I am still trying to come to terms with the looming fact that college is almost over for me. It just doesn’t seem real. With that being said, I wanted to do a room tour of my humble abode for the past two years.