Hot Toddy Kits

When going out is too whiskey, you stay in with a hot toddy. This year for Christmas, Bryce and I made Hot toddy kits to give to our friends. Here’s how we made them!

Halloween Cocktail Competition

I have watched numerous cocktail competitions between friends, coworkers, and siblings on TikTok. Many of the competitions were themed.

Cranberry Whiskey Winter Cocktail

Since it’s the last day of blogmas, we need to end it on a high note; and what better way to do that than with a whiskey cocktail?

A Patriotic Cocktail Hour

Mixing up a patriotic cocktail to share at your Fourth of July gathering will be the perfect touch to kick off your summer celebrations. These alcohol infused concoctions are simple and require very few ingredients.

Kansas City’s Hidden Gem – Restless Spirits

You need to check out Restless Spirits Distillery. It is tucked into the parking lot, and the moment you walk into their door, be ready to be greeted with melodic Irish music and the whiff of incredible whiskey.

Whiskey Wednesday…Yes, It’s A Thing

T’was the night before Thanksgiving (which is always a Wednesday), and if you knocked on my front door you would be greeted with one of my favorite family traditions … Whiskey Wednesday.