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Ahh … it’s sweet summertime! Here we are experiencing one of the strangest summers to date. The city pools, baseball stadiums, and concerts aren’t packed this year with visitors. A staple to my wardrobe is a colorful mask matching my outfit. As a Midwest girl, my summer has been spent with family and friends at our lake home. It has been really nice to slow down and take in what’s really important in life during these unpredictable times.

Here are my 10 favorites, must-have, cannot-live-without, summer essentials!

#1 Chapstick

Growing up, EOS chapstick was what every cool girl carried in her backpack. If you were seen putting on EOS versus Lip Smackers or even worse the Chapstick brand, you were idolized for being mature and trendy. Nowadays … and thankfully, I don’t put much thought into which chapstick I purchase. EOS Strawberry Sorbet has been my lifesaver this summer. It’s all organic and made from natural ingredients, not to mention it just smells good! You can pick this up at your local Target in the checkout aisle. Protecting your lips from the summer sun is very important. Pack a lip balm in your pool bag, purse, or keep it handy on your keychain.

#2 Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I have worn the same pair of sunglasses since my sophomore year of college. (I did lose my first pair in a tipsy diving mistake at the bottom of the lake.) These Ray-Bans are probably the most worn item in my entire closet. I wear them every single day. I routinely take them to the eyeglass shop for readjustment.

Let’s talk about the shape of my glasses for a second. My face is small and round and my eyebrows are uneven (no, not my ears … my actual eyebrows). Yet I feel so confident in this hexagonal shape. They are not too large on my face, but they still give off the oversized look that has become so trendy.

Ray-Bans are an investment; however, my thrifty mother informed me that they had the same shades on Overstock for $50 less. So in other words … price match on Overstock.com before making the purchase.

#3 Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are what Christmas lights are to us during winter — they are essential to producing happiness and joy. These are from Urban Outfitters and extremely comfortable. I wouldn’t go on a three mile walk wearing them, but I can walk with ease through the River Market on any given day with them on.

For early fall months, I have a feeling that these will be extremely popular. Wrapping the laces on the outside of jeans was just starting to pop-off during spring, but with Coronavirus this trend fell flat for a minute.

#4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

An obvious essential for any summer party or tanning session is a portable speaker. I love JBL products because they are extremely reliable and have wonderful sound. Mine actually emits a light show on the speaker based off the song playing.

#5 Rainbow Floaty

If you aren’t hanging out on a floaty during summer … what are you doing? Nothing beats being in the water, tanning, and chilling on a ginormous rainbow floaty. This one was $9 from Sams Club and it made my dreams come true.

#6 Maui Babe Products

Maui Babe Browning Lotion, was one of Hawaii’s best kept secrets for the longest time. You literally could only buy this tan enhancer on the islands. So when my mom told me they are now selling it online, I was so excited.

This tan enhancer will beat any sun oil … it’s no joke. Just make sure before applying to put on a strong layer of sunscreen. Otherwise you will fry!

#7 Tinted Mineral Face Sunscreen

Have you ever made an impulse purchase at Target in their makeup section? I have, and it ended up being one of my favorite products I can’t go a day without. This tinted sunscreen has been a game changer when applying makeup. I also feel like such a boss ass b*tch for putting on sunscreen everyday instead of frying off my face. I’m trying to not have major wrinkles from the sun.

#8 Tie-Dye Clothing

I don’t believe that tie-dye was projected to be such a big hit this summer. However, thanks to quarantine, our loungewear became so much more colorful. I’m LIVING FOR IT.

Originally, I saw this shirt on my girl Keaton Milburn’s vlog and decided that I needed it. Urban Outfitters carries this in three different shades of tie-dye.

#9 A Good Read

Summer is when I put my nose deeply in books. It makes lying in the sun and sweating buckets much more enjoyable. However, this book by Danielle Bernstein … I couldn’t put it down.

Rarely do books inspire me in ways other than to expand my vocabulary, but this one changed me. I don’t want to spill too much on what it’s about … but please go order this today. You will not regret it one bit.

And no, this is not a self help book or a story just for fashionistas. This is for every badass woman out there

#10 Insulated Wine Tumblers

Last but not least are insulated wine tumblers. At the lake, we put vodka cran sodas in our glasses and go on our merry way to the dock. These glasses stay cool for much longer than the average cup or bottle and come in a plethora of colors. Our lake neighbor turned my mom on to them, and let’s say between the two homes we own 16 tumblers. They are sold in a four pack at Sam’s Club.

With these 10 Summer Essentials you should be protected from the sun and prepared for all the festivities. I wish I could wave my magic wand, and life as we knew it was back to normal. However, take advantage of the time we are given to enjoy the longer sunlight days where an evening walk at 8:30 pm is still lit. Enjoy moments with the people you love. Remember summer is a state of mind!

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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