Staying At A Bed & Breakfast In Independence, Missouri– Here Are My Thoughts (Hawthorn House)


Hello Loves,

Last weekend I had one of the most amazing experiences ever.  Bryce and I stayed at our first Bed & Breakfast.  Normally when planning trips we stay at Airbnbs or hotels.  This was out of my comfort zone — however I’m so glad I stayed at Hawthorn House.

The City of Independence so graciously invited us to experience their town and gave us three options of where to stay — a hotel, an airbnb, or a Bed & Breakfast.  Normally a Bed & Breakfast is last on my list.  I always get weird vibes from them.  Especially being in my early 20’s — I feel like most people my age do not even consider staying at one because Airbnb’s are so inexpensive and hotels are where we grew up staying.  This past weekend I was feeling spontaneous and decided we should try it out.

I always conotated B&B’s with having one of three flaws:

1. It’s a haunted, old house

2. The hosts are really odd people

3. No bathroom attached to your bedroom, so in the middle of the night you might have to go down a dark hallway.

The Hawthorn Bed & Breakfast taught me that Bed & Breakfasts are such special places.  Packed full of history and charm, these incredible homes are preserved for a reason.  The owners that take on these grand estates are gifts from God with the care and kindness of making your stay not only memorable but so comfortable.  It’s the little things that fill your heart and make your stay feel like they were so glad to have you.

Let me set the scene:  Bryce and I are driving through a really cute neighborhood of older homes.  The sun is shining and we are excited for the weekend.  We pull up to this ginormous house (mansion) and are immediately greeted by the owners.  You can just tell that they are friendly and kind (no creepy vibes at all) people.  They give us a quick house tour and show us to our room.  At that point in time Bryce and I were completely blown away and felt like everyone had been hiding how charming B&B’s actually are.  We were speechless!

Our bedroom was MASSIVE, and it came with a completely renovated bathroom, a desk for writing blog posts, free wifi and cable, and a sitting area.  It also had plenty of hangers for your clothing. Don’t even get me started on the bed … it was life changing.  Bryce had to wake me up both mornings (not normal — usually it’s the opposite) because I had the best sleep of my life.  Even the sheets on the bed made my experience that much more memorable.  I don’t know what thread count they were, but OMG I could have laid in them all day long.  It was heavenly!

Outside of our bedroom was a corridor that had snacks, sodas, water and coffee. All of these items were free and available at any time of the day.  Normally hotels charge you zillions for a snack bag of Ritz crackers, so Bryce and I couldn’t believe that all of these were FREE.

Speaking of snacks, our room also had a small bowl of mints placed by the door.  Our B&B made every little detail count.

What I loved most about my experience staying at the Hawthorn was that every single day Wendy, one of the owners, would ask us what time we would like breakfast.  Each morning we would wake up, get ready, and go enjoy a three course meal before heading out.  As a person who loves breakfast more than anything, this made my heart absolutely sing.  Wendy was an amazing cook!  I don’t think I will ever forget her yogurt parfaits with a million berries and kiwis … I am dreaming about it right now.  Talk about an Independence treasure!

If you are itching to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, I highly recommend staying at a Bed & Breakfast.  Each one is going to be very different from one another so make sure to do your research first before booking (for real—make sure you have your own bathroom).  A great place to start because they set the bar unbelievably high is the Hawthorn Bed & Breakfast.  I recommend an overnight adventure or hosting an event there.  You will love it!

The Hawthorn Bed & Breakfast also caters to events: 

  • Private Dining Events
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Business Meetings & Retreats
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Reunions
  • Social Organization Meetings
  • Mystery Dinners
  • Bridal Showers

I hope this blog post sparks some spontaneity for your next adventure and adds value to your life. Catch you all back here next week with a weekend travel guide!


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