Hello my dudes!

It’s that time of the week when reality starts to kick in. However, since nearly passing out in my 9am sales management class… I have had the crazy urge to get some sh*t done today. I may or may not have talked myself into taking a nap after I cleaned my room full of laundry and freed my bed. HERE I AM THO! I even went to the grocery store and took a quiz I had for my statistics class early. Who am I? Getting stuff done in advance…what is this?

Although today is about accomplishing things, this weekend was pretty “lit” if I do say so myself. I want to take some time to reminisce. On Friday, one of my classes got canceled so Bryce and I surprised my little cousin at her elementary school in Iowa with lunch. She apparently knew I was coming and had told her teachers that she was going to reserve a lunch table because she was “expecting guests.”

I was also told that if she would have known that I was wearing boots, she would have changed out of hers so we didn’t match and clash boot colors. She is my mini-me.

After our quick trip to Iowa, we were Kansas City bound for the weekend.

That Friday night my mom treated Bryce and I to a fantastic dinner at Lidia’s. It was my first time eating there and I highly recommend it! The butternut squash ravioli is to-die-for. They also have unlimited pasta which was nothing shy of incredible. To top it all off, we finished the night with Sonic Master Blasts, a fine delicatessen…

Amelia’s Boutique brought me back in for a photo shoot highlighting some new spring pieces for their website.

Later that day, Bryce and I were able to get in a little snowboarding session at Snow Creek during college night.

Also shoutout to my boyfriend for not completely dying of boredom while we traveled to 5 different locations to take photos. He’s a sweet man and I’m lucky to have him. He’s even sweeter when given coffee and sour gummy worms.

The whole purpose of the post was to share my outfit of the day…

Let’s jump into the details!

GUYS THESE PANTS GIVE ME LIFE. They are from the H&M Coachella Festival Collection and I about died when I laid eyes on them in Dublin. Sadly they didn’t have them in my size. However,  I was able to find them at H&M in Kansas on sale for $10. Not only is the star detailing on the knee super cute but these are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own. I even wore them on the Fourth of July. I feel so cool and trendy wearing them. Unfortunately, they are currently no longer available at H&M, but I have seen a bunch of them listed on Poshmark and Ebay. Snatch them up! The sweater and navy ring I picked up from Forever 21 and they have been staple pieces in my wardrobe ever since. I absolutely hate itchy sweaters and this is like the softest sweater, plus it’s really warm (perfect for living in Antarctica aka the midwest like me). I bought it after Christmas for $11.

What really take this outfit to the next level is the electric blue booties. My mom actually found these and they were definitely a need. The blue is just a nice contrast with all of the black, brown, and tan boots out there. They are from Steve Madden and they do stretch out after time. I would buy true to size.

Okay, this concludes the longest post I feel like I have ever done.

May you all have a kick boo-tay week.


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