Sprucing Up Your Christmas Cards


Hi Friends!

It is common knowledge that I’m a sucker for snail mail, so of course I had to hop on the Christmas card bandwagon.  It’s a perfect time of year to connect with friends and family near and far.

When growing up, my Mom always took so much pride in our Christmas cards we sent.  She would make my brother and I write little pieces about our family.  It looked like a newspaper featuring several different articles about each family member or about a main event from that year.  I absolutely loved it because we could be the voice of our dwarf hamsters Louis and Dolce (named after the designers obvi) or even Coco, our chocolate Lab (also fashion designer related), and get creative with not only the writing but also with the illustrations!  It was a different kind of story telling and one that I really enjoyed.

When I decided to send out cards this year, I wanted to throw in a little unique insert about Bryce and my life.  Receiving cards with a snippet about what is going on in someone’s life is incredibly meaningful! The trick is to not to come off as bragging–even if you don’t mean it that way.  It is like writing a personal note to each person but in a time saving manner.

In each card I send out, I try to enclose a photo and a little written insert. This year I have business cards that I’m going to throw into them as well so family and friends can stay connected with my little blog.

The “Joy to the World” cards were purchased from my favorite card and stationary designer ever, Rifle Paper Co. She just absolutely kills the graphic design and illustration game. Click here for my exact cards!

The winter cityscape cards I fell in love with at Paper Source. They reminded me just of the Rifle Bond ones, but they were a portion of the price! I even snagged them for Click here for the Paper Source cards. 30% off that day.

Here’s what is going out in the mail tomorrow! I hope it brings a little cheer to each recipient.  Merry Christmas friends!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to peek into my blog world.  I love having you visit and hope you stop by often.


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