Spilling The Tea On Halloween Costumes


Hello My Favorite Spooks!

This post is arriving a little early into your inboxes. Halloween falling in the middle of the week makes everyone a bit confused on when to dress up and celebrate. Bryce and I have big, big Halloween plans. LOL! We are staying in to carve pumpkins. Our October weekends flew by and we ran out of time to do the basic Fall traditions. My heart was set on a pumpkin patch this season. However, Bryce swept me off my feet to California for a fantastic weekend with his family which included the BEST Halloween Party I’ve ever attended! The costumes were outstanding and made my creative juices flow with the incredible face makeup and the great attention to detail encompassing each costume. I could write an entire blog post on the food, decor, and real fortune teller attending. Instead I’m going to share my Halloween costume I wore to the party! Here’s how it came to life.

This Halloween I found a Mad Hatter Tea Party Costume on eBay. It included the hat, matching jacket, and a halter top/skirt combo.

The skirt: OH it was ridiculously too short so I had an old tutu that was placed under it and it added the length I desperately needed. Layering another skirt from your closet or wearing spandex will save the day when your “made in China” costume arrives and it would fit 10 year old you.

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The Boots: Borrowed from my mom’s closet with no intent on returning.

The Hat:  It had a green sheer bow. Wanting to put my own twist on things, I added a piece of poster board and letter stickers to spell out “Spill the Tea.” Then, I hot glued flowers to the bow for added dimension.

The Jacket:

 It was a beautiful, rich purple brocade print with gold brass colored buttons. I wanted to pull the accent gold color from the print so I added a brooch on one lapel and three small bee pins on the opposite one which helped draw the eye up to the whimsical hat.  My mom had an old pocket watch on a chain to attach to the jacket’s bottom buttons. A gold belt would have done the same thing for the look.

The Jewelry:

The choker was a simple beaded one with gold accents. A thin ribbon would have worked nicely as well. I had an old Juicy bracelet from TJ Maxx that I felt like went with the costume’s look. The rings were made. Hobby Lobby sells ring pieces that I glued the bee pin and the floral pin too. I used a metal and glass glue by Beacon called Tiger. It dries clear and is super strong. Works better than Super Glue for crafty things.You can find it at most craft stores. I used the Tiger glue to adhere the saucer of the teacup to the cup and then placed a ribbon under the saucer so I could tie it to my wrist. Didn’t want to carry it at a party because LBH I would have lost it. I added embellishment like flowers, a time piece, and a sign that said “tea time” to the cup. It made the costume.

Added Embellishments: 

The teacup and teapot were from Saver’s (a thrift store). The teapot was silver. A can of gold Krylon paint to the rescue, and it matched my costume perfectly.

For me, I think that costumes are all in the details. The small little elements are what draw me to the look. I love taking a basic store bought costume to the next level and personalizing it. I’m sure I will wear this one for years to come. Hope you enjoyed me “spilling the tea” on how to make a costume anything but basic.

As an extra Halloween Treat..tune in tomorrow for another costume “how to”. This isn’t a trick!


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