Shop With Me: Thrift Store Edition


Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

I’m going to start this post off with a random fact … October 1st was National Consignment Day.

If you already knew that, give yourself a big pat on the back and celebrate with a Watermelon Mojito.  (Bryce keeps making me those, and they are my freakin’ jam right now.)

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I am a budget shopper. Since I started my first fashion blog in middle school, I have always been slightly obsessed with thrift stores and consignment shopping. There is nothing better than turning someone’s old discarded item into a shiny piece of fashion treasure. I still remember my first time at the thrift store … my Mom and I walked out with a brand new pair of cream colored Converse AllStar High Tops and a Neiman Marcus shawl. From that point on I was sold!  If I could only find the photos I took of them for my blog—that would be absolutely priceless. Now reading back on the last sentence, I feel like I have come full circle.  Seven years later I’m writing another piece on thrifting in hopes to inspire you to think outside of the box and do some good for our environment.

Most people walk into a thrift store and two different scenarios play out:

A.  Get hit with the smell of “old people” items and walk out

B.  Look for only vintage Levi’s and ugly Christmas sweaters

I have done both … but let me tell you, there is so much more they offer than just sweaters and mom jeans. In my last trip, I found pieces for going out in, working, and lounging in. I found things that I will honestly wear rather than just another disposable piece of clothing. You just need a vision and a plan of how to style it to see the end result. A lot of the pieces at thrift stores have good bones. Just search around and I promise you will find them.

This floral top is thrifted Vintage Lucky Brand. It is made from 100% silk and I bought it for $11. I could vision this paired with white jeans, gold accents, and some strappy heels for cocktail hour. 

This Back to the Future pullover was found in the men’s section for $4. My mom and I cut the bottom off and turned it into a crop top. I work out in crop tops, so I was thinking this would be perfect for the gym.

I could not resist picking this up! A lot of boutiques have been reselling old Harley Davidson t-shirts and gear for an extremely high price. I’ve seen oversized Harley tees being sold for $65-$85! When I found this top for $8, I struck gold!

The navy J.Crew button-up ($7) and the Tommy Hilfiger sweater ($9) are both thrift store finds! They are the perfect combo for this chilly fall weather. 

Here are 5 tips to help you navigate through a thrift store and claim your treasure.

1.  Stores like Savers are a higher end thrift store and can be more costly.  Sign up for their rewards program.  I saved 20% off my entire purchase.  Bring your own recycle bag.  They charge for sacks.

2.  Walking in can be overwhelming.  Start in the men’s section. I look for vintage band tee’s and sweatshirts I can crop.  For jeans, I shop in mens…the smallest size jeans they have.

3.  Work attire, button-down shirts never go out of style.  You will save so much by shopping for these at a consignment store.  I bought Lucky brand, Express, JCrew, and H & M on my most recent visit.

4.  Most thrift stores have places to try on clothes.  No need to bring home things you don’t love but just like. Fit is important.  Look for stains, rips, and missing buttons.

5.  I launder everything or take it to the dry cleaners before it goes in my closet or drawers.  Downy UnStopables are the best product out there in my opinion to get a fresh smell to the garment.  They go directly into the washer and give your thrift store finds a fresh scent boost.

I challenge you to walk into the Thrift Store with a new outlook.  Lower your carbon footprint. Help aid water preservation and reduce chemical pollution by visiting your consignment store.  I know they aren’t all created equal but take some time to see beyond what first hits your senses.  I get tickled when people ask where I purchased something and my answer is the thrift store. Most are amused or shocked by my answer.

Happy thrifting my friends! I can’t wait to see all of your finds.


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