Shoes I’m Loving: Fall 2021


Hi Loves,

I want to share my most-worn, favorite fall shoes. They may make your Christmas wishlist because of their versatility. I’m loving bold, practical, classic styled shoes. To be honest, comfort is everything when selecting shoes. These pass the wear test once they are broken in.  

2021 has proven to be the year of chunky shoes and lug soles. I am so here for it!

The great thing about heavier looking shoes is that they are timeless. I don’t view them as a trendy style that’s going to be out of season within a few months. They are here to stay for a while due to their comfort level and added height. The key to a good chunky heel is to go wide for stability. 

Every shoe department has so many stylish options from sandals to boots. I’m such a stan for a classic or chunky loafer this fall, especially when styled with a cute ankle sock. 

Chunky Loafers

These loafers have been a staple in my closet. I wear them with absolutely everything. Easily one of the best purchases I have made for myself this entire year. It takes any outfit from basic to classic.

Black Cowboy Boots

Thanks to the influence of TikTok, cowboy boots have gone viral this fall and are predicted to stay this winter. The western trend has become a staple. It takes any outfit and puts an unexpected twist on the style. 

There is nothing like the juxtaposition of cowboy boots with a dress or a blazer outfit. I feel sophisticated and yet playful at the same time.

Hot Tip: Try to find used cowboy boots. They take a long time to break in and they are painful! Visit your local thrift store, check out Poshmark or scroll on Ebay.

Chunky Knee-High Boots

There’s no denying chunky lug boots have arrived to the style party. They are available in fabulous colors like olive green, nutmeg brown and classic black. The boots are actually an old style revisited from the 1930’s. Lug boots were designed by an Italian man who lost several friends on hiking expeditions in the Alps. He created a boot to help prevent slipping on the ice. 

I wish I owned these boots in every single color. Lug boots are here to stay and man do I love it! I often refer to these as my bug squashers.

I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and select a new pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe. Shoes are my weakness. Stay tuned to my instagram story… I have another pair arriving Monday.  

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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