Setting The Tone For The New Year + A Time Capsule DIY


Hi Loves,

Congratulations! We made it through 2020! Here’s to a new year of hope and growth. Are you team resolutions or team intentions?

Today’s post is about starting the new year off on the right foot and realigning focus towards our dreams. Bryce and I were having a conversation about setting goals for the new year and whether this was a good idea or one that sets you up for failure. He watches a YouTuber that doesn’t set goals for himself. It made me realize that I may not set goals per se, but I do set intentions for myself that promote focus and drive toward things I’m hoping to accomplish. They are the cornerstone of my year.

So, I took a Saturday morning to unintentionally set my intentions for the year. This is how I did it.

I gathered all my magazines and bought a few new ones that spoke to me. I cut out everything that drew my attention. Once my floor was covered in a million little magazine clippings, I organized them and glued them into my daily planner.

I have exactly 4 pages in the beginning of my planner that I like to use for these “goals, intentions, law of attraction, whatever-you-wanna-call it.” So I try my best to use what I have cut out of the magazines and divide the pieces into 4 different broad themes.

Here are mine from last year:

  • Best financial year yet
  • Hayden M. Ward Lifestyle Blog + Content Creator
  • Travel
  • Building an Architecture Digest worthy apartment

By cutting things out that you truly like or things that speak to your soul, you are more likely to hold on to them or manifest them. The reason I prefer starting my year like this is because I will see these intentions every single day. I do not list any numeral, detailed goals on the pages. They are simply just a reminder of what you are attracted to … The Law of Attraction b*tches!

Just make sure to glue these down in a place that you will look at everyday. I wouldn’t put them on display for anyone else but yourself either. These are your intentions, girl!

This brings me to my next point — how to keep track of your successes.

Each year, Bryce and I write down every accomplishment, trip, or exciting thing that has happened to us and save the notes in a jar. We don’t open our time capsule until New Year’s Day. We both really enjoy reading all the moments that brought us so much to be thankful for. Somehow the small gesture of documenting the year makes it even more meaningful.

How to Create a Time Capsule:

  1. Grab your favorite flavor of Pringles, eat them all, and then clean out the inside of the can. You can be stingy — don’t share your Pringles unless you have to!
  2. Grab some scrapbook paper, chipboard letters, tinsel, ribbon, stickers … whatever you want to use to decorate your can. Tack it all on with hot glue. Wallah! You have a time capsule in which to save all your achievements and positive moments.

I hope this inspires you to focus on the law of attraction versus structured goals, thereby creating less stress on you to reach outcomes and more awareness of what you want to be intentional about. Collect your successes and save them in a Pringles can. Pro tip: Purchase a clear, glass ornament to save all your little success papers in and write the year on the ornament. Such a cool way to save and display your life.

Just remember whether you are team goals/resolutions or team intentions, keep on the path that leads to your dreams.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.


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