Recreating Outfits Of Bloggers Who Inspire Me


Hi Loves,

With RONA, it’s been hard to physically go out and find clothing inspiration. I used to be able to walk around my neighborhood or stroll the streets of our shopping plaza and gather so many ideas. Now, TIkTok and Instagram have taken a higher priority on places I go to find muse.

While apps can overload you with too much information or overwhelm you with everyone else’s amazing life, they can be excellent for helping you pair two things you most-likely own and feel like a new woman. Today I’m sharing four women that have influenced my style and how I recreated their looks with clothes I already owned.

Stevie Hender (Shop Stevie)

Instagram Handle: @shopsteviehender

Stevie has become one of my style obsessions on Instagram. She runs her own boutique so her clothing supply is limitless. However, she wears a lot of older Free People pieces that I have, thanks to Half of Half. Stevie’s style reminds me so much of a tomboy Southern California girl, and I love it!

She is a “must follow” if you are looking to elevate your basic everyday look and maybe do a little bit of shopping.

Mary Lawless Lee

Instagram Handle: @marylawlesslee

From the very beginning of Instagram, Mary has been my favorite fashion blogger hands down. Her iconic style varies from edgy streetwear to elegant floral gowns that make you want to frolic through fields of daisies. Her style is always evolving. I don’t feel like you could ever put her in a box. Each day she puts on what she is feeling and rolls with it! It is truly admirable how she owns her look with confidence.

Mary’s photography game is next level. She captures the moody feelings (without tons of orange in her images). I love the action and the angles in her shots around Nashville.

Mary also owns two Great Danes, Miles and Allie, so there was an instant connection when I first followed her. As you know I have a love for Great Danes.

Becky Hillyard

Instagram Handle: @cellajaneblog

Becky is actually a local Kansas City blogger and a fabulous representation of how girls in the Midwest dress. We not only have the same hometown in common but also share a unique name. She has a little girl name Sutton which is my brother’s name. I think her husband looks like Bryce when he is sporting a beard. Becky has such a gift of pairing high-end fashion pieces with more affordable finds. I appreciate her sense of style representing my hometown.

If you love a relaxed, neutral looking fashion, Becky is a must-follow.
Keri Fay

Instagram Handle: @kerifay

I originally found Keri on TikTok styling items that every girl has in their closet. What I admire most about her is that she will take a basic wardrobe staple and wear it a non-traditional way. She’s worn dad t-shirts as dresses and biker shorts with tights. Keri has effortlessly nailed millennial aged fashion.

She’s wonderful to follow for fashion but also recreated extremely easy photo-backgrounds!

I hope you check out these incredible fashion bloggers and find styles you might recreate. Maybe they will even influence your next “coming out of quarantine” outfit. It’s funny who we identify with and why. Most often it isn’t their appearance but a common thread that weaves us together.

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one,” – Herclitus of Ephesus.

Have a great week and go out into the world and connect, inspire, and support.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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