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Hello My Long Lost Friends!

Happy International Women’s Day (yesterday). I hope you are still recognizing all the empowering women that have impacted your life. Whether it’s your grandma, mother, or a dear friend, women shape the human race. 

(post was suppose to go live yesterday if you couldn’t tell)

I still cannot believe that it has been OVER a week since the last time I blogged. Which is absolutely crazy and I am here to say that I will NEVER (had to really emphasize that) let it happen again (or at least I will try not to).

These past two weeks have been complete madness in The BEST way POSSIBLE.

Why you might ask?

Bryce and I booked two trips in one week…


(if you know what lights my soul on fire, it’s travel)

Drumroll please….

We are going to COLORADO for Spring Break. It is a trip designed with purpose.  Bryce is checking out grad schools and I will be taking in those majestic Rocky Mountain Views. Unfortunately, we will not be snowboarding on this adventure.  That will need to happen on a different trip.  Money is tight because we are saving……saving for what?

FOR OUR TRIP TO EUROPE AFTER GRADUATION.  Our tickets are purchased and we have begun booking our airbnbs. One of my first blog posts I wrote about was going back to Europe. Dreams do come true…Never stop Working Hard and Dreaming Big.  I am so excited to take on Spain, Ireland, and the UK with my love. It is going to be a trip of a lifetime for both of us. Sometime, I will blog about how to travel on a shoestring budget.  It’s all about timing and planning. However, we need to see how we do and what obstacles we run into first! LOL

This post’s purpose isn’t about travel, though. It’s about my other love, fashion.  I’m frequently asked about what I wear.  You may not know that I do make my own clothes. However, college has put a damper on time to allow me to sew and space to have my Bernina Sewing Machine.  I’m asked weekly, where I buy my outfits or how to accessorize.  It has been my passion since elementary school. I’m not an expert (my friend, Elena is, seriously).  

Here’s my view point on a trend from the nineties that has made a significant comeback.

Lately, I have been living in my comfy overalls. No, I’m not channeling my inner Farmer in the Dell Style or throwing it back to Preschool. Overalls are a trend that is sticking around. Why? They are affordable, versatile, and have a huge comfort factor. They are also, a perfect staple for your wardrobe when transitioning from Winter to Spring (midwest probs).  Here are 3 ways to take vintage-looking distressed overalls and style them dressy to casual. I will link or share where I found all my pieces. 

(picture credit to Bryce Shea-I know… he’s awesome)

Behold ——

The Casual Gal (Play Date)

Overalls: Shop Resurrection

(Sadly they are sold out, but I have similar ones listed at the bottom of this post), Shirt: American Eagle (They are also sold out.. but I did find two similar ones from Free People: 

First option & Second option, Shoes: Converse, Hat: (I got mine on a vacation to Harvard, but Urban Outfitters has a similar one in maroon. Someone on Ebay is selling my exact hat though.)

Shopping Tip:

Red and denim are a match made in heaven. The American Eagle shirt I found last Valentine’s Day on the clearance rack.  I honestly don’t look at much of any of my favorite clothing stores regular priced racks but beeline it straight back to the discounted section.  That is shopping on a tight budget in a nutshell.  This is why so much of what I wear is no longer available because it was purchased in clearance. I have had those dearly loved converse high top tennis shoes since freshman year of college.  Why do they look so white? The key is Oxy-clean gel stain stick and the washing machine. The dryer is not your shoe’s friend.  Let those tennis shoes air dry on a heating vent.

The Trendsetter

Shirt: Amazon, Under Shirt: Target, Boots: Free People and they are discounted at 6PM for 65% off, Hat: Brixton, Earrings: Juicy Couture (They are on sale for half off! Mine came from TJ Maxx)

Shopping tips:

 Do not pay full price. Take advantage of student discount codes and free shipping codes. Watch your favorite online stores for site-wide sales.  My black Free People booties were $29.  I went in the Plaza Free People location and found them hidden in the sale section under the hanging clothes. They were discounted and had additional percentage off of all sale items that day.  Did I mention I bought them in the middle of August when the heat index in Kansas City was 110 and they are suede? My point is, on classic, basic items buy the best you can afford because they will last longer and buy them out of season (this is key and takes planning ahead plus having a firm grip on your personal style).

On trendy clothes, don’t spend top dollar. Look for them at places like Forever 21 and Amazon.  They will not stay in style long enough for your purchase to be justified in my opinion. I did splurge on the Brixton hat.  I wanted that specific brand because of it’s timeless and classic yet has a modern design. I knew it would hold it’s shape forever. I wear it often to justify my purchase. I did buy it from Shop Resurrection and used the “thank you for your purchase discount postcard” that was sent with my overalls over a year ago. Love that online store! It carries expensive, out of my price range items, but the sale section is wonderful. I select the sale tab and really don’t look at anything else.  You will find affordable one of a kind, well-made pieces that ship fast.

The Elegant Farmer

Bodysuit: Kate Young for Target (I got this piece ages ago, but I have seen it all over Poshmark and Ebay) for $9, Bandeau: Walmart, Shoes: BCBG Paris Jaze Red Suede High Slim Heel were originally purchased for a sorority informal from DSW several years ago. I found them on Ebay for $9.99 plus shipping.

Shopping Tips:  

A classic red, middle height heel goes with so many outfits.  The closed toe makes it work for more professional settings but can be paired with even a casual item like overalls. I get a lot of wear for many years from my clothes.  I bought that bodysuit in high school before bodysuits were popular.  The earrings are Jim Ball but not in my college budget.  My mom found them for $12 on ebay.

Here are three similar options to my overalls!

Option 1: Vici Dolls

Option 2: Zumiez

Option 3: Guess Factory (in love…the button on the bib…heaven)

When purchasing your overalls, go mid-price range.  Mine were around $43 with the discount code.  You can find them everywhere.  Charlotte Russe has a pair for $42.99 and Zumiez are on-sale for $29.99. American Eagle’s were pricey at $79.99 and $89.99. Watch for sales!

Overall, I hope you are inspired to purchase your own pair of overalls and wear them to a Darty or GNO (Girl’s Night Out). Have fun styling them many different ways to get more bang for your buck! I can’t think of a better midwestern fashion piece that has channeled itself to both coastlines, then overalls.

Until next week Luvs!


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