Hello Friends!

After the three day road-trip to California and missing my flight home to Kansas City… I’m happy to be back in the midwest typing away on my keyboard and enjoying the humidity 🙂

Coming soon a post about our road-trip through five different states and my time in California.

However, I did want to leave you with this—a post about the most comfortable pair of shoes EVER and an absolute STEAL on a jacket. I hope to inspire you to invest in quality sandals and to be thrifty in your shopping for great additions to your wardrobe.

A while back, an amazing company reached out to me about their shoes. The brand, OTBT stands for Off The Beaten Track. They are the best classic yet trendy sandals that I have owned in a very long time. After a month of wearing the Jaunt Wedge Sandals, I can seriously say that these are my favorite travel shoe or my doing anything in life shoe ( ya know… like conquering the world). The reason is OTBT makes a wedge so light weight. This matters because airlines weigh your bag. Have you ever been that person in the middle of the terminal moving heels into other bags because you were over the weight limit? Yes, I’ve been there done that. Also, It seems like in the summer I’m on my feet a lot more due to outdoor concerts, walking the city market, or exploring a new town. Without the Jaunt Wedge Sandal’s support my “dogs” would be barking. I didn’t even have to break them in which is unbelievable. They are a cross between a great wedge and a fabulous platform sandal.  I guess that makes them a “wedgeform”. If you need a try before you buy, I totally get it. Head to Nordstroms and you will find OTBT there! I recommend saving by ordering directly from OTBT and using my code HAYDENWARD for 10% off any OTBT shoe.

What twenty has taught me is that you do not need a ton of cheap sandals taking up space in your closet. Invest in one pair of well-made shoes that will last you.

Like men:  Quality over quantity! wink, wink

The next piece of my outfit I want to focus on is my jacket. While in California, Bryce took me to the Show Me Your MUMU warehouse sale and I fell in love. I have never owned anything from this company before but I have always looked at their stuff online. Safe to say, I was extremely excited to go to their sale because they are a high end brand that I can’t usually afford (college girl issues). The quality of this fringe jacket is unbelievable. Its so heavy and well made.  This is definitely going to be my go to jacket for summer. It’s perfect for Power and Light Hot Country Nights or even just going to Happy Hour on a cool summer night. I literally had to run and grab it because there was only size small left!

The dress I found on eBay and the seller was selling it for $40 because it was too short on her. It is For Love & Lemons brand. She purchased it from their warehouse sale.The dress is normally over $100 so it was a great score for me.  I spend so much time on eBay because you never know what you might find.  Don’t knock it till ya try it.

Happy Summer Friends!!!!!!

Shoes | DressJacket | Rings (old from Forever 21)


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