On Common Grounds: Meshing Decor With Your Partner


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Have you noticed the TikTok trend about how to mesh your significant other’s decor within your own? It’s not an easy task … and oh my goodness I feel terrible for some people who are going viral on this trend. I don’t even know how I would incorporate a sword collection, a machine gun, or beer can collection into a space. I suppose you would make it art.

Bryce and I have lived together for almost three years. This is apartment number 2 to style together. How did we decorate this time around and truly make it feel like a home?

Looking back at our first apartment, it was furnished with whatever pieces we had or anything that gave us more storage. We were fresh out of college, broke and had separate visions for our place. It was a melting pot of mid century, industrial and bohemian items. The only thing consistent was the black and gray color scheme. We have learned a lot since our humble apartment in Manhattan, Kansas. Mostly we have learned to identify pieces we really love to create an aesthetic of our own.

Today I wanted to share some of my tips for meshing your home decor with your partner’s. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but when you discover your “couple” style, you’ve hit a pot of gold. If you are getting ready to take the next step with your person and move in or just in need of a major design shift, you’re going to want to keep reading.

Find Your Couple Style

Many of us have not developed a decor style yet. If we have, it probably has changed through the years. The reason is because so many of us get our decor style from our parents and siblings. We gravitate toward things that remind us of home.

When Bryce and I first started furniture shopping, I remember crying because he told me my taste was like his grandmother’s. Turns out, his grandmother had the most beautiful collection of mid century modern pieces. It was really a compliment, but at the time I took it as a personal hit.

Before deciding on any pieces for your home, play a game and have them text you photos of what their dream bedroom, kitchen, and living room look like. Send your dream rooms to them as well. Bryce and I did this months before we moved in our first place and realized he was very much into a cabin vibe and industrial and I liked a mid century modern coastal feel. We played this same game a few months ago, and our styles were extremely complimentary of each other.

Even if your styles are the exact opposite, there is always a way to mix the two so you both feel at home in a space.

Show Them the Vision

Keep in mind that just because you can see the final picture, not everyone else can. Anytime you find an image or video to represent what you are talking about, save it and share it! When people can see your vision, then they can understand what you have in mind.

Sign up for home decor catalogues like Studio McGee, CB2, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and Anthropologie to pull inspiration. It’s also a great way to find furniture you actually want and can save up to buy. Pinterest is awesome for searching a general idea but not the best at sharing where the pieces came from.

If you are using Pinterest, save your pins! You will want to reference these images when your partner says, “I didn’t think that was what we were going for.” Pinterest = Proof!

Bryce and I shared Pins and catalogue clippings to create a vision board for our new apartment.

Decide What Are the Most Important Pieces

In college I had this massive hanging branch in my bedroom that I just adored. I seriously loved it more than any wall art I had seen on the market. Unfortunately I knew that when Bryce and I moved in together, a gold branch with Free People star ornaments and glittered feathers were not Bryce’s style. My branch became less important to me, but having an office space with a lot of color everywhere was because I needed bright with lots of natural light space to create in.

Compromise is key when designing as a couple. As time goes on, you start to realize what your decor needs are and put in storage the things you have outgrown. The nice thing about living with someone is that there are so many interesting pieces to go through. I have a hard time parting with a lot of our stuff because although it may not work for this space, it could bring new life to our next home. Thanks Mom and Dad for storing my “maybes.”

Take Your Time

It is so exciting to move into a space with the person you love. We instinctually like to plan things before we even gain possession of the new place. When Bryce and I moved into our first apartment, I was too fixated on the small details like throw pillows and centerpieces. I was trying to take care of everything quickly so I was settled before I started my job.

Take your sweet time making decisons! Decorate one room at a time. You will both have an idea of your next big purchases, and it will help keep you on the same page. The other advantage of going slow is that you will get a better feel for the space so you can truly identify the top needs.

Functionality is Key

Over time you will begin to learn how your partner prefers to use their space. At our first apartment, Bryce and I put a catchall tray right by the door because that’s where he liked to keep his keys and other items. Currently we have a chic black tray from Anthropologie that sits on top of our entryway table.

Designing a beautiful space goes beyond decor … there needs to be reason and functionality behind each piece. Throughout the years, Bryce and I have learned that we like to entertain. Many of our pieces, such as the bar, had that common goal in mind. We wanted it as the center gathering spot in our apartment.

Marrying different decor styles is a difficult task. There are some people who let their partner decide on the electronics, tech gadgets, and other equipment while they are in charge of decor. Bryce and I are pretty even when it comes to decorating our space. We set decor goals for ourselves and work really hard to accomplish them together. It wasn’t always like this! Time, patience, and compromise are the biggest factors that will help make meshing a space easier so you live in harmony on common grounds.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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