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Hi Loves,

Welcome to my sanctuary! This room has become an integral component of my everyday existence. Over the course of a year, it has served as my office, my closet, a sewing room and a guest bedroom. I spend so much time in this space daily… I can’t imagine not having an extra space in our apartment. I’m dreading the day of having to return to my cubical and not being able to swivel around and view sweet Sky peacefully resting on the guest room bed.

Many of the items in this room were collected and repurposed over a period of time. When we moved into our apartment, we decided to invested in pieces for our living room, bar and master bedroom. So, this space consists of furniture and decor that has carried over from our previous apartment and even from my college furnishings. It’s eclectic and charming but mostly feels like home.

When COVID hit, I knew that I needed a place separate for work. It needed to feel like I was leaving work whenever I power off my computer at 5pm. Being a writer and spending a lot of time creating content, means I needed a space full of inspiration so the creativity flowed naturally. Growing up, my mom had an art studio in our basement that was completely unique to the rest of the house. It was her sanctuary with pink walls and a chandelier. It stimulated all 5 senses the minute you set foot in the door. This is my own creative space.

Our first spring in the apartment, Bryce was still in grad school. He needed a space to work on his projects. We decided that double desks would be the best options providing us both what we needed. Now, Bryce has his own desk at work and doesn’t spend too much time in our guest bedroom so he graciously let me take over the top part of his desk. The side closest to the window is my “office” and the side with my mirror is where I do my makeup.

The desks, drawers and storage units are all from Ikea.

The clothing rack was purchased on Amazon. It gave me a designated spot to place new items so I could style them easier. The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” is completely avoided with this easy solution. I like to swap these out often, but I also store my favorite pieces on the rack along with bulky coats.

The terrariums were purchased at Anthropologie. Inside the glass jars are scented wooden balls full of the aroma palo santo. If you know the smell, then you know why I love these located in close proximity to where I create. When I’m working, I’ll get a few whiffs of the heavenly smell and instantly feel recharged. They are similar to a diffuser but in the more natural form.

This year, I vowed to sew more and moved my sewing machine into our apartment. I’m making a conscience effort to manifest making time for something I love to do. What’s a better way to get inspired than displaying your favorite patterns right in plain sight?

I’ve had this sewing table since I graduated high school. Since then, I had never lived in a big enough space to have it with me. If I wanted to sew, it was a trip to my parents house. Not ideal — so I would start projects and not finish them. I’m so excited to be able to sew in my room again.

The majority of this furniture is from Ikea. Even the mirrors and lamps are Ikea! I love the crisp feeling of the white furniture and against the white walls. The mirrors are full length so they add height to the massive walls in our space. My favorite feature about this bed however, is that we bought wheel-able drawers that slide under. They added so much storage!

This is a “live” look at Sky. She is convinced that this is her bed and I’m not going to tell her otherwise. She even gets upset when we have actually guests come over and sleep here. haha! She’s spoiled.

The fabric hung on the wall above the closet is our “storage room”. I hated looking at different colored storage containers so I found a white shower curtain and hung it to hide the Christmas tree and Halloween decor!

Bryce and I have been collecting prints from our favorite destinations while traveling. Our most recent additions are the Abbot Kinney Blvd postcard and the Saint Thomas print.

Due to my love of travel, I have collected stickers from many of the places we have visited. They now adorn a vintage trunk from the thrift store. You can read more about this easy DIY here!

This hutch is another Ikea find! We swapped out the hardware for some more modern looking knobs. The bull head at the top is another DIY project. Find out how to make your own here!

I thought it might be fun to share my creative space with you. So, thank you for visiting and please come again.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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