Nail’ed It (A Guide To Nail Art & Navigating A Manicure)


Hi Loves,

I have been surfing through my old blog posts (the reason why will come in the near future).  Looking back I noticed that each entry began with a little life update. To be honest, I’m not sure how or why I stopped sharing those.

The main purpose behind starting this blog was for it be an online journal … someday reading back at what I wrote during my twenties, I hoped to see self-growth, sprinkles of inspiration, or just reminded of things I was loving at the time.

So here’s a little life update for y’all before I leap into this blog post.

Bryce and I spent our first WHOLE weekend in Manhattan since … January.  It was lovely.  Normally, we are on the fast track frantically trying to get everything done in a short weekend.  This was a nice change of pace.  We adventured to the outskirts of Manhattan to a self-service honey stand, attended a K-State baseball game, and even went to Yoga (for those wondering … Bryce liked the class and wants to go back … s/o to Orange Sky Yoga).  We also watched two different Sherlock Holmes movies and they were so good!  It was a weekend where you could take a deep breath and feel like everything was right in the world.

If you have been following me for awhile, then you know I am OBSESSED with nail art.  Nothing beats a fresh set of nails — especially ones that strike up a conversations with strangers.  So today I am taking you through my whole nail routine.  I thought it would be fun to share where my ideas come from and how I go about choosing my nail art.  Let’s get started!

Step 1: Research Nail Art Images

I use Pinterest for 2 things … nails and DIY’s.  Take time to utilize this space packed full of inspiration and save what inspires you by pinning it to your board. When I have an idea that I cannot find an image for on Pinterest, then I Google search it.  Having the actual image of what you are wanting designed on your nails makes it crystal clear to your manicurist so you are both on the same page.

Step 2: Find an Exceptionally Good Nail Salon

This is the hardest step.  I am STILL looking for a good nail salon in Kansas City that is affordable with their designs (please comment your recommendations).  I always look at Yelp and Instagram for salons. Most of the time people will tag the salon on Instagram if they are happy with how their nails turned out.  Yelp is really useful for the more factual side of getting your nails done … how much it costs, how the service is, are they sterilizing their equipment, etc.  Instagram connects you to the true nail artist.

Once you have determined which nail salon you plan to try, call and make an appointment.  Whenever I do this, I always ask if they can do intricate designs.  Asking this simple question, sets you up with the right person instead of the new girl who looks like a deer in headlights when you ask for a French tip.

Step 3: Waterless Manicure for the Win

A big misconception when getting your nails done is that you have to get a full manicure each time you visit.  I have learned to just ask for paint.  Doing this will save you money $$$ and time.  Go in with no polish on and clean nails.

Going waterless during this whole process is also a MUST.  A blogger that I am in love with just wrote a post about why she goes waterless during her manicures. Click HERE to read her post.  She goes in depth about this topic.  Going waterless basically means having a manicure without soaking your fingers in water.  Nails absorb water and expand.  They do not have time to fully dry before lacquer or gel is applied so you’re leaving the salon with dryer nails than you arrived with.

Step 4: Gel Polish is My Go-To

Gel polish is my ride-or-die.  I have tried a variety of nail polish brands and they all peel off in about three days. Dip powder makes my nails feel like rocks.  So until they come out with another kind of nail polish, I will happily be using gel (or shellac as some people call it).

**Pro Tip: If you are wanting your nails to last a LONG time, stick with neutral colors or French tips. As your nails grow out, the gap in between your polish and your nail will not be as noticeable. 

There you have it folks!  With a little bit of research and armed with confidence, you too can get exactly the nails you are dreaming about.  Make sure to send me photos of your nail art.  I hope this post added a little value to your life.  See ya next week Luvs, same time and same place!


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