Mid-Century Modern Christmas Wreaths


Hi Loves,

It’s officially blogmas time (Woo-Hoo) which means a new post will be live every single day until Christmas. To kick this year off in style, I wanted to feature a gift that I received from a new friend on Instagram. Meet the talented Mandi who is the owner of Hi Perfect Designs. The moment she slid into my DM’s was the day I won the lottery in beautiful decor. She asked if she could make me a wreath to match my mid-century modern, woodsy aesthetic. YES, Yes, yes!!!! Safe to say that she nailed it!!!

Mandi went above and beyond to create three individual wreaths that could be arranged as a trio or hung separately. They are listed on her Instagram as the “Three Sisters” who are simple, modern and begging to be in a home that smells of rich mahogany and aged bourbon.

We both decided that the bar was the perfect place to display the girls. The three sisters now reside at the top of my bar as a crown of our spirits. They truly are a statement piece that I will treasure forever!

I love the pop of color that comes from the dehydrated oranges! Whenever I unwrapped this wreath, it reminded me so much of the classic old fashion cocktail. The black velvet weaved in was such a simple, elegant touch.

During the holidays, my favorite decorating element is trying to capture nature inside. The smell of pine and the shades of green make me think of my childhood Christmas. I love the musky, woodsey feel of this beautiful wreath. All of Mandi’s wreaths that she sent came with lights. The smaller “sisters” both had candlestick lights which included a remote control.

This is by far one of my favorite wreaths that I have ever seen. I love the eucalyptus and pine weaved throughout it. The rich black velvet adds a subtle but feminine look to it. This wreath also came with lights, but I added more so that I could control them with a remote control.

Any of these wreaths could be all year around decor and not just for the holidays. The orange wreath would be so cute in a kitchen above the stove. You can remove the candlestick lights since they simply clip onto the wreath. If you are interested in ordering a wreath for any occasion, Mandi is your girl. Support our small businesses and our talented creators!

Make sure to check out her shop on Instagram.

See you back here tomorrow for something easy and delicious!

Until then, Spread Kindness.



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