Marie Antoinette Wore a Ship!


Hi Loves,

Let them eat cake! When I’m not thinking about cake, I like to reminisce on this Halloween costume from 2022. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to top it! From the massive ship on my head to the pearl-lined hoop skirt—it’s a forever favorite. Let’s break it down.

The Ship

Marie Antoinette was known for many things; however, her hair was always a hot topic and a unique way for her to mark her stance on important subjects. Fine art photographer and digital artist Alexia Sinclair said, “The Queen was renowned for voicing her opinions on current topics through the elaborately decorated headdresses she wore. As the British were attempting to suppress a colonial uprising in America, Marie Antoinette’s husband Louis XVI had chosen to side with the rebels. Although the French frigate carried the day, the victory of La Belle Poule represented the beginning of a long and financially crippling war for the people of France.”

To fully get the gist of how important Marie’s hair was during that period and gather some inspiration, I watched Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola starring Kirsten Dunst. She playfully portrays how Marie’s hair kept getting bigger and more obscure during her reign. The hairstyle for this costume came with a lot of pressure! I stumbled upon a video of another Marie Antoinette costume on TikTok of someone who wore a ship headpiece and knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate that into the final look.

My mom created the ship with the help of a few YouTube and TikTok videos, hot glue and paper. We worked together on embellishing the piece to match the rest of the costume. Let’s just say that there was a lot of glitter involved in the process!

Thankfully, my amazing hairdresser took on the challenge of attaching the ship to my head. We fed wires under my hair, attaching them to both sides of the ship. Teasing my hair helped give the ship a sturdy surface to rest on.

The Hoop Skirt

Wearing a long dress out did not feel like the vibe, so I opted for a shorter dress and a hoop skirt. I found the perfect hoop skirt from Dolls Kill. My mom and I embellished it with strands of pearls and flowers. It was perfect when I bought it, but the added pieces helped it flow cohesively with the rest of the outfit.

The Outfit

The base of my costume was a lace dress from For Love and Lemons. Oddly enough, we found a lace shrug off Amazon that matched perfectly. I attached a brooch to the collar and added gold buttons to make it feel a little more time-relevant. The socks were also an Amazon find. The rest of the accessories came from Dolls Kill including the cake purse that Sky is wearing. My incredible velvet heels were also a Dolls Kill find.

Reign the Halloween Ball

You may have to recline the car seat completely back to get from place to place, but this costume will make you feel like royalty. I wish that I could wear this every year! As always, if you recreate the costume, I want to see it! Comment or email me your photos or questions.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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