Bodysuit: Brandy Melville, Skirt: Free People (It’s on sale!), Hat: Brixton, Boots: Target (sadly, they are old!)


It’s February and I am in the mood. 

In the mood for loooooove (lol jk I am in the mood to eat a lot of chocolate, let’s be real).

Valentine’s Day has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, my mom tried to make February 14th extra special for my brother and I. Even when it would fall on a school day, I can remember waking up early and running down to our kitchen to see all the heart decor and a kitchen full of desserts. That morning involved two of my favorite words… CHOCOLATE BREAKFAST. We would invite all of our friends over and eat strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, and anything else under the sun that could be dipped into a chocolate fountain. The kitchen smelled of chocolate chip waffles, brownies, and chocolate milk.  It was seriously the best thing ever!  Hearts hung from the ceiling and there was always a little gift from my mom like fuzzy socks or a DVD (remember those?).  It is a tradition I hold near and dear to my heart!

Living away from home, I still eat a plethora of chocolate on that day. Trust me — nothing has changed in that department but I sure miss how special the day always felt with my family.  It’s the little things in life we share not the stuff we get, but the moments and who we are with that matter most. 

One of the things that I miss is the actual tradition of giving Valentine’s cards. Why oh why did we ever stop passing these out? Maybe that’s why Valentine’s Day gets such a bad rap on social media. A card in the mail is 10X better than a snap chat or a post on twitter.  It means someone thinks you are worth the time and effort to buy a stamp, address the envelope, and drop in the mailbox at the post office. It is such a sweet gesture that my generation does not get to experience as often thanks to the internet. 

Feast your eyes on these puppies (this was my package in the mail I was so excited about btw).

Postcards: Anna Rifle Bond

I found these beauties on the Rifle Paper Co. website last month and was seriously counting down their delivery day. They come as a package of 12 postcards with four different designs on them. I only have three of the prints left because like I said earlier, I was literally too excited and already mailed some of them out (I have problems). 

I am so delighted to bring back one of the best Valentine’s Day traditions this year. Hope you are inspired to start a tradition of your own. Everyone should feel loved on February 14th. See what you can do to spread it!

Much Love & Happy February Folks!


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