Love Lena, Designed By My Friend Elena


Hi Loves,

I have been waiting a long time to write this post… years actually!

My best friend, Elena, has officially released her apparel line called Love Lena. This is something that has been in the works since high school. To say I’m proud is an understatement.

Here’s a little backstory to my relationship with this incredible designer. Elena and I met in high school, thanks to cheerleading. We quickly connected due to our love for fashion. She guided me like a wise, older sister. She influenced me and inspired me more than I think she will ever realize. Our high school offered a sewing class called FASHION, APPAREL & CONSTRUCTION. We spent countless hours sewing, talking, and dreaming. One year, she took two patterns and combined them so the formal dress she made had a detachable long feather skirt. This was way before the trend. Yes, she is a genius!

When we were given the opportunity to travel to France and Italy as part of our fashion class, Elena spread her wings and ran with it, never looking back. In college she studied fashion design and construction along with getting herself a business degree. Since graduation, she has been living abroad, country hopping, and sourcing materials for Love Lena. In support of this talented friend and her beautiful brand, I ordered a few pieces and wanted to share how I styled them.

OUTFIT 1: The Midwesterner

The Vada top is my favorite creation of Elena’s. It perfectly molds to anyone’s body size and was constructed out of a heavy silk material to hold the front down. Meaning — the wind isn’t going to take your top anywhere. My absolute favorite detail on this blouse is the open back. What holds this top down is thin skin-colored elastic so it looks like your back is naked (ya, know in a good way).

I would wear this outfit to go shopping with friends, grab lunch, or hang out in a coffee shop. The Vada top is a 20/10 for me. May I mention, it’s COMPLETELY HANDMADE BY ELENA HERSELF.


The Vada top can be dressed casual or done up for a wine night with your man or girlfriends. I paired mine with flowy off white bottoms and a black leather jacket. The black and white combo is so girly but yet so badass. Now just picture wearing this coming out of a red Ferrari … I can see it!


The Vada top with a pair of white high-waisted shorts is going to be my end of summer go-to outfit. I could literally do cartwheels in it because it’s so comfortable.

Let’s talk accessories for a minute … the earrings and the oversized scrunchies are all from Elena’s brand. Each jewelry piece is curated by her and is in very limited stock since some of her pieces are vintage or were collected overseas. Grab it while you can! And make sure to grab a silk mask sewn by her while you’re at it.

“Love Lena is a Women’s Apparel Company designed to make you feel unique. The company consists of three lines — a handmade apparel line, accessories, and a recycled collection. Every item is either handmade, hand picked, or recycled and one of a kind from all over the world. This means that these products are limited because our goal is so the wearer feels exceptional.”

If you loved any of these pieces, make sure to purchase them from Elena before they are gone. Support young designers!!!

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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