Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf


Hi Loves,

What is Halloween without the parade of couples’ costumes? Creepin’ it real … I love seeing everyone’s creativity scrolling through my feed. I was lucky enough to have Sky as my partner in crime this Halloween. She did a magnificent job posing in the woods. Peep the kitty in the background. Where’s Bryce? My fiancé was watching the Chiefs game.GO CHIEFS!!! May his costume as the woodsman from Little Red Riding Hood R.I.P.

After much thought of trying to figure out how Sky could join the costume gang, we decided that because she has such big teeth, a big nose, and big eyes, she would make a perfect big, bad wolf disguised as a grandma.

And oh my goodness, is she cute!

Sky’s outfit was a compilation of the thrift store, Amazon, and my grandmother’s closet. During this process, we found out that Sky is an XXXL instead of a XL. Yes, big booty Judy, as we affectionately call her, rocks a XXXL cardigan with a cherry pin from her great grandma. May I add that this Great Dane can really work a wig!

The red two-piece set I wore was purchased from Depop. The brand is IAMGIA. It is one of my favorite clothing brands of all time. If you recall my butterfly sweatpants, they too were IAMGIA. The ruching on the pants and top make your body look slammin’. The cape came from my mom and my grandma. My mom wore it when she taught school. We added a little pizzazz to the cape this year by sewing red and black checkered ribbon to the edges. Such an affordable way to make your cape stand out. The ribbon was $3.99 per spool with an additional 50% off. It took 3 rolls. Fabric glue would easily attach the ribbon if you don’t have a sewing machine.

To complete the look, the picnic basket was purchased from the thrift store last year. I tucked into the basket a few red, fake flowers and greenery from Hobby Lobby. The basket is so convenient for carrying snacks and beverages to your Halloween gathering.

I hope this simple costume inspires you to channel your creative spirit while remembering your favorite childhood stories. Find items that you already have in your closet and repurpose them for a more sustainable and affordable costume.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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