Is An Electric Toothbrush Worth The Price?


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Self-care seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. Let’s face-it — we are dealing with too much on our plates. Anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head and messes with not only our emotional state but also our physical well-being. Self-care on social media seems to be a mixture of face masks and eating habits. I want to share a big piece of daily self-care that is as important as eating right and getting plenty of sleep. It’s something that few of us talk about but it’s a daily habit …

Brushing your teeth

After countless dental checkups and quick demonstrations on brushing and flossing techniques, one would think taking care of your teeth is a “no brainer.” The complications of not being consistent with your dental hygiene are significant. The American Dental Association has warned that “the mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.” Besides bad breath and gum disease, dementia has been linked to multiple studies on poor dental care. 

I thought I would share my journey on this subject matter. People assume you know what you are doing when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Here I am at 22 years old, and I honestly can say until I was 20 my brushing habits were alright. Nothing spectacular but I got the job done with my non-electric, brand-name toothbrush and my floss picks that I used maybe twice a week. No judgment … please.  I think I took pride in my makeup, hair, what I wore, but not my teeth. Bryce came into my life with his “fancy dancy” electric toothbrush that had a timer. He bought me one, and I was changed! It’s funny how we spend so much time and money on the outside of us. We just don’t share much about things people don’t notice … like our teeth. I’m now on to my second electric toothbrush. It is like the powerhouse of toothbrushes. “She” brings out my smile literally. 

What I use:  Smile Brilliant CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 

Why it’s incredible:  

5 brush modes from clean to gum care.  Even a selection for sensitive mouths.

30 Day battery life…like WHAT

Waterproof design that can be used in shower

Smart timer which makes me brush longer then I ever did before having one

It comes with 2 premium brush heads that have a tongue scraper

The charger is the right voltage for international travel

It comes with a 2 year warranty 

40,000 vibrations for dynamic cleaning 

It took two weeks for me to notice a difference in my teeth. My dentist even said something on my 6 month cavity-free checkup. He asked what I was using because I had minimal plaque buildup. I went from a girl who did the task of brushing so I wouldn’t have gross breath to a girl who is now focused on better overall health. Self-care is many things to many people but a big piece of self-care for me is dental hygiene.  

I know purchasing an electric toothbrush is an expensive purchase. My dental office sells them. The first one I owned came from Amazon. Wal-mart and Target carry them as well. Is it worth saving up for and buying? YES!!! Add up your makeup receipts, hair care products, the candles you had to buy. A toothbrush doesn’t just make you look better and smell better — It is a tool for overall health. 

If you are wanting my Smile Brilliant CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush, here’s the link to WIN my exact toothbrush and here’s a code to save you 20% (20haydenmward).  Add it to your Christmas wishlist.  New year, better you!  #smilefearlessly


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