In Home Spray Tanning – Is It Worth It?


Hi Loves,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I am quite the spray tan fanatic. Obsessed would be an understatement. I received my first spray tan ever at a photoshoot last year and have never looked back.

After seeing so many terrible spray tanning jobs, I always thought to myself, I’m never doing that in a million years. Looking like an Oompa Loompa or a carrot was not a look I desired. Newsflash, they don’t all look like that … especially when you are receiving a tan from someone who has been well trained and knows their stuff. You won’t be able to spot a good spray tan because it just looks like bronzed glow.

Now that I’m 23 years old and starting to see myself age a little, stepping in the spray tanning tent sounds like a much better idea than lying in the bed. I’m punching myself for thinking that bed tanning was a better route than just getting it sprayed on. All of those high school girls who got spray tanned before dances knew what was up.

There are a few different ways to spray tan. You can do it yourself, you can get sprayed by a machine, or someone can spray you.

Personally, I prefer someone to spray me because I have no idea what I’m doing and spraying is seriously an art. It takes practice and creativity that neither a machine nor myself can achieve.

I used to receive my tans from a local spa because the ingredients were vegan and organic. Those are two huge things I look for because spray tanning can come with toxins. I also went to the spa purely for the fact that if I showed up early, I could relax with some cucumber lemon water and magazines in a quiet room. It was “Hayden Time.” I still love going there and just having a nice break from a long week.

When I am in a hurry and need a tan real fast, I prefer in-home tanning.

My girl, Acacia, comes over with her tent and supplies and sets up shop in my living room. It’s wonderful when you need to squeeze one in but don’t have the time to drive there. Not only is it convenient, it makes the experience way more comfortable. Spray tanning can feel awkward at times (like lifting your boobs up to get the underneath or slightly bending over to get your butt) … not a pretty sight to say the least haha! Having someone you know makes the experience much more pleasant and less painful.

Acacia came over before my trip to San Diego with Bryce and gave me a rapid tan. She sprayed me in the morning, I showered 4 hours later, and was good to go! She was even kind enough to answer some questions I had about spray tanning. I wanted to provide you guys with the full details!

Here’s a little background info on Acacia!

She’s originally from Australia, lived in England, and then spent the last nine years living in Dubai before moving to Kansas City. How cool is that? I love when she comes over — we talk about stories from the past and all of her adventures. Not to mention, she is a dog loving gal.

1. Is spray tanning safe?

Spray tanning is definitely safe. It has come a long way since the 90s where you were orange and it stayed that way. My products are vegan, organic, safe for the skin, safe for the environment, and you will look great!

2. Does it smell?

It does not smell. That has come a long way from the 90’s horrible smell plus stain on your sheets. It doesn’t smell, and usually most tanners now will have fragrance drops or the solutions will have a lovely smell added to them so it doesn’t give you that horrible fake tan smell.

3. How long does it take to process?

Fake tans process in two different ways. So you now have rapid solutions which develop within 2 to 4 hours and can be rinsed off. They will keep developing on your skin for 24 hours after that. You can also still do the original 9 to 12 hours, which is the overnight solution. Then again, once you rinse it off, you will get a full 24 hour development time. But if you need to shower quickly, the rapid solution is a better option.

4. What is the best way to make an appointment? (Specifically with Acacia)

The best way to make an appointment with me is to jump onto Instagram @bronzedbyacacia and send me a message and I’ll write you back or give you a call!

As the days are getting shorter and fall is around the corner, don’t lose your summer glow.

Until then, Spread Kindness



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