I’m Not Late For This Halloween Costume: Recreating The Rabbit From Alice And Wonderland


Happy Halloween my Ghoulish Friends!

I’m not the most timely girl out there! Honestly, the older I get the better I become at being on time. Everyone would wait on me to get ready! Bryce has to be one of the most patient humans on the planet. That’s the reason I felt this costume would be perfect for me. My love for anything and everything Alice in Wonderland could come to life on Halloween.

My first purchase was the hat from Amazon. It came as a set with the oversized clock necklace and a bowtie, which I did not wear. I loved the rabbit ears protruding out of the tall black hat. LBH I have a thing for hats. Recently I wore Bryce’s hat home from LA because of my unruly hair. No hat is safe around me.

The hat needed an outfit. Anything would work from a white dress, white jeans and top, to a jumper. I purchased a black velvet jumper from Lulu’s. It had the same feel as the hat, and I was hoping I could wear it again on it’s own. The oversized clock necklace helped hide how low cut the jumpsuit actually is. The clock had glued on glitter letters from Hobby Lobby to add some whimsy to the look. I added a fur collar and white gloves both of which were my grandma’s. Shop around in other’s closets for perfect costume accessories. At one time I pinned a white homemade tail to the costume. It was uncomfortable to sit on and left fleece on my velvet jumper so that had to go!  Spend some time creating your rabbit’s makeup look. Google has so many great images for makeup how to’s. I used lipstick on my nose and eyeliner for whiskers. Very simple. I’m sure you could create an artistic masterpiece. The last costume detail to share are shoes. I wore booties in the photo.  If you are wearing all white then white shoes look best. I went with all black. I have paired the costume with heels in the past. It’s about comfort and whether you will be inside or outside.

I hope you have enjoyed these quick costume posts. Have a wonderful night and be safe! Watch out for the little spooks taking over the neighborhoods. Share your costumes with me! I love looking at them and hearing from you.


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