I’m ENGAGED! Our Proposal Story


Hi Loves,

He did it! Bryce really did IT!!

He orchestrated a fairytale proposal and sealed the deal with a stunning ring fit for a princess.

Dreams do come true!

It’s hard to believe it has already been over one full week of no longer referring to each other as “Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend.” We still catch ourselves saying it. (Don’t worry … we laugh and follow it up with “WHAT did you call me?”) Next week we should be fully adjusted to our new relationship status.

Today I want to share a peek at our proposal story. It is a journal entry with some of the recorded “behind the scenes” moments. Thank you for taking interest in our love story. I hope you enjoy it!

The story begins in August just before Bryce’s birthday. He quietly purchased the engagement ring without telling his parents or really anyone. When we flew to California to celebrate his birthday with his family, he shared the news with them that he was going to propose to me. He even considered doing it in San Diego. However, it was important to him for both families to be present. If you know me, then you know how much my family means to me. He selected the ring totally by himself. No, I did not have a Pinterest wedding board for him to refer to. Here’s another little fact. He has never bought me any piece of nice jewelry until the engagement ring. I have had flowers, suitcases, and tennis shoes but never jewelry. I was happy in our relationship and wasn’t needing a proposal from him to make it any more official. He had my heart 4 years ago. This surprise was such a shock to me. Silly, I know, but I feel you have to be okay with being yourself in a relationship. This one has always allowed me to grow on my own terms with consistent support. The engagement was the icing on the cake!

So how did he pull off the perfect engagement with photographers? Here’s what I have learned. We had a cool opportunity for a fall photo shoot with our favorite duo photographers (who just so happened to both be named Abbey). The shoot was scheduled before Bryce and his mom created a master proposal plan.

What I thought was just a normal fall themed photoshoot was actually just a lure to the real one. During our quick sunset session, the photographers said they were approached by a magazine. They asked if we would be interested in modeling for the shoot. The only problem was that the photoshoot was scheduled when Bryce’s parents were visiting Kansas City. Bryce even hesitated when they asked (that sly dog), because we wanted to spend as much time with his family as we could. Regardless, we said yes to the shoot and had a week to prepare.

The “big” magazine photoshoot was featuring “what to wear as a wedding guest.” I worked with Abbey R. to pick out a dress for a luxe, glamorous wedding shoot. I sent in several dress photos for review and the one selected was what I wore to my college graduation. I was even told hair and makeup would be provided at the apartment several hours before the shoot. I had no clue the dress I was selecting was my engagement dress. Lots of coordination and communication was happening behind the scenes to make the day extra special. I’m grateful for all the planning and care that went into pulling off the perfect proposal. It still makes me tear up.

Here’s the drama. The night before Bryce’s parents arrived, Bryce and I got in a huge fight. I legit had not been that upset with him in such a long time. I was furious and frustrated. He left me cleaning the apartment so he could enjoy an evening at the driving range with my dad. I thought he would only be gone for an hour, and when the poop didn’t make it back until 11:30 that night, I was not okay with it at all. He was late because he was drinking with my dad and his friend. I completely lost it. I had worked all day and grabbed groceries and flowers to make our home cozy for his family’s arrival.

The reason he was with my dad was to ask for permission to marry me. Bryce took the yelling and anger like a champ because he knew what was coming next … haha. Man, I love him.

Don’t worry, I have apologized so many times. He takes me as I am … the good and the bad.

It was Sunday. The last full day with Bryce’s family. Hair and makeup arrived like clockwork to the apartment. I quickly painted over my chipped toenail polish in the car ride to the photoshoot … completely forgetting to paint my ratchet fingernails.

Both of our parents joined us on the Plaza for our photoshoot because we had dinner reservations at Chaz On The Plaza after the shoot. We began taking photos by the large fountain near Cafe Trio. Abbey said she saw another fountain so she wanted to move to that location. We walked along Brush Creek at sunset and shot a few photos by the water. It was beautiful with the trees and buildings reflecting at golden hour.

Our last pose was supposed to be the “kidnapper” pose. Typically during couples shoots, the guy will come up behind the girl and grab her from the backside.

I noticed that Bryce was taking forever to do this. So finally after 3 times of slightly cocking my head around, I completely turned around to see him on his knee.

My first words were so glamorous, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Bryce had to ask me twice if my answer was yes because I was so shocked that I froze. My favorite part of the proposal was when I finally started to cry as Bryce put the ring on my finger. I stated, “My nails are SO ugly!” Classic Hayden right there. In true Bryce fashion, he was so sweet.

If you want to watch the full proposal video, click here.

Everyone knew except my mom. They knew she would have somehow hinted or told me.

After our magical moment, we boarded a gondola on Brush Creek to toast our next life adventure. Then we celebrated at dinner in the Raphael Hotel. Bryce’s mom had every sweet detail in place. Normally, the gondolas don’t run on Sundays. She waved her magic wand and made it possible. The restaurant said they were waiting all day for us … insert crying emoji. They even had a quartet playing everything from Queen to The Police. A huge bouquet of roses greeted me at our table. I didn’t think I could eat with all the emotions dancing in my head. I was and still am on cloud nine.

Here’s to waiting for the right person to grow old with, to not getting upset over the little things in life because you don’t know what’s around the corner, and to appreciating having your family together for the moments that matter the most.

I feel so incredible lucky and grateful. Thank you for sharing this special moment with me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first-piece of jewelry or a better future with the person I love the most.

And special thanks to Abbey Regnier and Abbey Lane for capturing this magical day.


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