Happy Wednesday, Friends!

This week has gone “quite swimmingly” if I do say so myself. Monday was my first day as the sales and marketing coordinator working for a company with products I truly believe in. Each morning as I drive to work and take in my new surroundings, I think how blessed I am.  Manhattan is quickly becoming our new home. When you step inside our apartment, the first thing you might notice is our love for travel. We have started a collection of destination prints from many of the places we have visited together.  One print that I received from Bryce’s Mom is my favorite — it’s a black and white map of Limerick, Ireland.  After spending a month in Ireland going to trading school, I knew that I had to take Bryce there with me so he could understand my love for the Emerald Isle.

And so we did…. and it was incredible!

We saved the best for last. Limerick and Dublin were the final two cities we visited before returning back to the US. The moment my eyes connected with the rich shades of green landscape from the airplane window, my heart fluttered. We were welcomed by a sea of green grass that looked “too” perfect and “too” lush to be real. The Irish are equally as rich as the land they live on. Their kindness is quickly recognized, and authentic character is so refreshing in today’s society.

We stayed in Limerick our first two nights in Ireland. When searching for places to stay, the University of Limerick popped up on our screen and we booked it. We literally stayed in the university dorms where I had stayed a year prior as a student, which was so much fun and different from the Airbnbs we were used to. I felt just like I was back in school. All that was missing was my travel buddy, Kristyn. The dorms are completely furnished and they provide towels, sheets, pillows — pretty much anything you would possibly need.

Our first night in Limerick was spent flying into Ireland and getting some sleep. The next day was a full day of adventuring. Of course, we had to go see the Cliffs of Moher. The windy sea air, the dark teal ocean, and the roaming cows could not have been missed! We hitched a ride on the PaddyWagon Tour bus to get there. Our bus made a couple of smaller stops on the way, but we spent the most amount of time at the Cliffs of Moher. If you are looking for a good tour, I highly recommend going through this company. The guides are the best in the industry and will make you cry from laughing so hard. I also recommend starting the tour from Limerick or Galway. If you take it from Dublin, it will be an all day driving excursion when you really just need a good 30-45 minutes at the Cliffs of Moher.

After our exciting day in Limerick, we ended the night with some “trad dancing” (traditional Irish dancing) and fabulous food at the Locke Bar. The next morning we took the train to Dublin and hurried to our Airbnb (which was seriously so cute & had the BEST location). Before leaving the US, Bryce and I had booked a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, so we were rushing to get there on time. Tip from the wise is to book this in advance. There are really long lines no matter what time of the day to see this place, so skip them by getting tickets online. Bryce and I booked the second to last tour time available on a Friday night because we wanted to go to the glass rooftop bar during sunset. The bar on top of the factory is a 360 degree view of Dublin with all glass windows. Even if you don’t like Guinness, you have to see this place. Imagine what entering the gates to Willy Wonka’s factory looked like and that is the Guinness complex in a nutshell.

Our last full day in Dublin was spent exploring the city. From Camden to Temple Bar, there is so much to see and do. Bryce and I walked around Trinity College and then headed to Jameson for a tour. Jameson was incredible and was a guided tour instead of a self-guided one like Guinness. We learned so much about not only the company but Ireland itself. Highly recommend going here because the place is just so neat on the inside. Imagine green bottles of Jameson made into huge chandeliers …. absolutely insane. Dublin is such a fun city for the fact that you can walk anywhere and you never know what you are going to stumble upon. There are so many cute pockets off the beaten path.

And just like that … the 14 day long trip was over! Make it 15 days instead because on our way back to LAX we ended up getting delayed in London for 18 hours Definitely crazy but it was so much fun. Bryce and I need to start saving up for our next trip to Europe. We are thinking France and Scotland…

The best advice I can give at this stage of my life is don’t just dream it, DO IT! Anything is possible for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! Start saving for that dream destination!


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