How Your Thoughts Control Your Life & Tips To Transform Them


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Happy Wednesday, Friends!

I’m just going to be completely honest … this post is not an easy read, and I don’t want it to be. Instead I’m hoping it challenges you to think about how you are treating yourself.

So grab a coffee and get ready to question the way your mind works. 

While self-help books are great at making you realize something you’re not doing and get you motivated to change habits, I have something better and so do you. It all starts with your mind. Even more importantly, playing tricks on your mind. 

I don’t think anyone ever talks about how much your life is controlled by your thoughts. Your happiness, sadness, motivation, habits, etc — it all comes back to your mind. It’s your own self-fulfilling prophecy. And if you were to treat your mind as you do a new pair of shoes, I can promise you would look at life a whole lot differently. 

Post graduation has been full of so many different emotions. This is normal, but I was handling it all so wrong. I felt like I had become the passenger in my own life and time was driving the car.  Each day was going by way too quickly, and I knew that I wasn’t doing anything for myself. I let my fitness routine fade away because I was drained.  I either ate too much or didn’t eat at all because my emotions were restricting me from the life I was living and I could ONLY think about the future. I could never get done the things I wanted to (and needed to) accomplish because I was too busy telling myself about a future that wasn’t  promised. Day after day I talked to myself so terribly and tore down everything inside of me for absolutely no reason. I have a good life — one that I am so proud of and thankful for.  It just didn’t make sense why I was doing all of this to myself.  I was truly letting myself be the passenger in my own life. It was time to take the driver’s seat and map out a new journey of contentment and joy.

After reading a few self-help books, googling what is wrong with me, talking to my family members, and listening to podcasts, it dawned on me — I know I am not the things that I am telling myself. The tricky part came when I had to convince myself of my own value. What a twist in my thinking process.

It was time to completely rewire my brain so my thoughts aligned with who I am.  I was tired of making myself suffer and be so open to negativity.

Here are some tips I learned for a better mindset.

1. The Universe will ALWAYS be on YOUR SIDE

You have to allow yourself to be open so the universe can teach you its mysterious ways. What you put out in the world is what you receive back (basic law of attraction).  This includes your thoughts.  I was listening to my favorite podcast “What the Eff” and one of the girls would play a simple game each morning where she would envision something.  This particular day it was a lemon.  She used her power of thought to manifest the lemon and it did appear that day.  Not in the typical form like lemonade or fruit in bowl, but by chance her friend shared she wanted to decorate their office with lemons because that’s what her grandma did. It made me think of vision boards where you cut pictures, words, write down goals, and display them on a bulletin board or planners so you see them each day as a reminder. You are physically putting your dreams, desires, goals out into the universe.

2. Everything has a Reason

This may be cliche, but it is so true.  If you look back on your life and think about everything that led you to this moment, it all happened for a reason. If you don’t receive something that you wanted, it was because it wasn’t meant for you. It truly comforts me knowing that there is a reason behind everything. Things do not just happen out of the blue. Yes we make choices and decisions, but there are times when none of it makes sense until you can look back on your life and say … “Man, glad I didn’t get that”… or “so happy I didn’t stay with… fill in the blank.”  Failure and reasons aren’t the same thing so don’t get this confused. You have to work hard, be prepared, and do your best. If that wasn’t good enough, then there is something better coming your way.  Keep working towards your goals.

3. Priming is one of the most beneficial ways to get yourself realigned

If you have never heard of priming, it is the practice of prepping yourself for the day. Not just get ready physically for the day, but mentally preparing yourself to do your absolute best for the day. I take at least 8 to 10 minutes each morning to tell myself some self affirmations and listen or read stuff that challenges my thought process.

Telling myself affirmations has changed my mind so much!  I had no idea they were so powerful until I started telling them to myself every single morning and saying them out loud.  I say them out loud so I can really hear myself say them and my mind knows that I truly do feel that way about myself.

If you are struggling to think of self affirmations, you can google some!  I will google self affirmations for wealth, for abundance, for creativity, or for love. They are all so wonderful, and honestly what a better way to start your day …  just telling yourself what you needed to hear.

4. If you want change, you have to CHANGE something that you are DOING.

Nothing ever comes out of doing the same thing each day. You can show up and hope for the best, but you have to take action if you want to see change.

5. You are what YOU THINK!

Your thoughts will shape your reality… If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are always going to be right. A lot of things will shape your thoughts, maybe limit your beliefs, but you are the only one with the power to remold your thoughts.

Your vibrations will ALWAYS attract the same vibrations that you give off.  If you give off negative vibes, more and more negativity will surround you.  It’s the exact opposite for what you would receive giving off positive vibrations.

6. You have to trust yourself!

If you have the power within you to even come up with the idea, you have the power and confidence to achieve it. In the name of Blades of Glory, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”  Life, God, and the Universe will prepare you for everything that is happing in your life. If it arose, then you most definitely have the ability to complete the task at hand.

Hopefully these mind games that I put into effect in my life may be able to help with yours!  If you are looking for inspiration and maybe something to just take all of the pressure off of you, I highly recommend looking at Eckhart Tolle.  He is an incredible author that teaches about the way the mind works and how you affect not only yourself but others with your thoughts.  I’ll leave you with some quotes of his….

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” 

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need?  Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” 


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