How To Create A Vision Board


Hi Loves,

Can you think of one thing more powerful, more motivational than mapping out your goals and looking at them daily … I believe you can’t.

Setting objectives and working towards them not only keeps you motivated but it causes your drive to thrive.  If I do not have a goal I’m working towards, then what the heck am I doing with my life? Absolutely-freaking-nada!  It’s just a waste of my time to go through life without setting any plans for myself to achieve my desires, my dreams, and my goals.  I’m living life.  Staying on cruise control is pure boredom and can cause no growth in any aspect of your life.  Switch your car to drive and let’s do this!

Today, fellow blog friends, we are going to learn how to plan out our goals and create them into a stunning vision board. Vision boards are the holy grail of my life, and they will become yours too …  JUST WAIT.  The magic will happen.

Let me set the tone for a minute with a serious conversation.  Visualizing your goals is a skill and  one of the most beneficial mind exercises that you can do for yourself.  Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep because you were thinking about what it would be like to have that dream job that puts your skill set in perfect alignment with your life goals?  Yeah, me too.

That’s the kind of power these vision boards have. The goal is to visualize your aspirations and to continually see them on a daily basis so your plans become your reality.  You are putting your dreams or wishes for growth out into the universe and in turn reminded of them every time you view your board.


Step 1: Figure out your goals.

I’m going to be honest, this is the most challenging step.  There are so many goals that you can set for yourself that it’s hard to have just a couple key ones.  Bryce and I made a vision board together so figuring out our goals as a couple took some time.  We narrowed it down to 5 things we want to achieve this year.  TBH it was pretty cool having these conversations together.

  • Be present around each other & go on actual dates
  • Be “that” fit couple
  • Travel even more
  • Spend more time doing things we love
  • Help each other reach our individual goals
  • Visit LA and Our Alma Mater more often

These are specific goals to cause growth.  Any goal will work.  They can be broad.  They can have timelines.  This is your board.  Run with it.

Step 2: Write them down.

Writing what you want and putting it out into the world has been proven to help keep you motivated and make it more likely for you to reach your final destination.  I have my goals written down in my phone, my planner, and even on the bulletin board hanging in our apartment.  One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Evarts, writes down her goals in the front page of her journal and in her planner so it’s the first thing she reads in the morning.  Great way to start the day!

Step 3: Grab a bulletin board, notebook, or whatever you have and get crafty.

I picked up this bulletin board from Hobby Lobby for $30.  If you search Hobby Lobby Couponsthen you can receive 40% off one full price item.  Our vision board hangs in the kitchen by our front door.  The location is a place we hang out together.  It’s art with purpose in our small space.

My personal vision board is inside a planner my boss purchased for me at Christmas.  We even had a team-builder, creating vision boards for the inside of our notebook.  It was fun sharing them and getting to know each other on such a personal level.

Step 4: Collect photos, stickers, magazine images, quotes, and anything else to represents your goals.

This is my favorite part of the whole process.  I scan through tons of magazines.  Then I look through our photos and even check out my stickers.  I love cutting out quotes or even selecting individual letters to spell out a “power word.”  Power words train your brain to connote a goal or dream you have.  By the time Bryce and I started our collage, I had collected images to help us express our goals for this year.  I find it easier to collect your materials and then display them on a different day.  That gives your mind a chance to visualize what your board might be or to remind you that you forgot  something to represent a goal and find that item.

2019 is my butterfly year, so I have images of butterflies pinned to both of my vision boards.  On our couple board, we cut out photos that remind us of places we want to travel, tickets from our first actual date, and stickers representing our favorite places.  It was fun walking down memory lane together, but it was also extremely meaningful to see that we are on the same page as a couple and that we can grow together, stronger, individually, and as a united front.  (Like that’s powerful stuff!)

Step 5: Lay them out strategically and pin/glue down.

Laying out your images and other items for you board in piles categorized by what goal they connotate helps to keep your thoughts organized.  It makes your goals clear and aligned.  Plus it keeps you from asking yourself why you put something down.  So cluster your images with that goal.  Make sure the goal is clearly spelled out in stickers, using your handwriting, or typed on the computer and printed.

Step 6: Look at your vision board EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When you take the time to create a vision board, it shows that you are dedicated to achieving what you want. A simple reminder of what you are trying to attain each day can only help you keep that goal front center.  Sometimes we lose the motivation to stay consistent with a goal.  This visual reminder might just help when you are having an off week.  Life gets busy.  A vision board helps to keep you as the focus.  I find that so hard to do sometimes.

If you need more explanation on the how-to’s for creating a vision board, check out Laur DIY by clicking HERE. She made a fantastic video that made the steps simple yet clear.

That’s all for this week babes! I have some really exciting stuff that I am working on and I can’t wait to share with you!  It’s just a part of my vision 🙂  See ya next Wednesday! Love y’all.


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