How To Actually Save Money During The Holidays


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It’s Blogmas Day 3! Let’s be honest, the holidays can really drain your bank account or just make you feel stressed because you don’t have the funds to buy the gifts you want to give. Here are 5 tips that help me enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank.

  1. Make a gift list that includes a budget.Writing down our thoughts and putting them into list form can make you more aware of what’s essential and what isn’t. Making a list can also help break things down into small manageable chunks. When thinking about Christmas gifts, I create one long list with everyone I want to buy for … then break it down further with family and friends. If I have any ideas of presents or ones I purchased a while back, I write those down by their name and the cost next to it. Budgeting that list can be extremely difficult. I recommend writing down your monthly income, subtracting all of your expenses and what you are wanting to put in your savings, gift yourself a small amount of money, and then take the rest for Christmas shopping. The goal when budgeting for Christmas is to not feel like you have been wiped out. Stick to that budget. You can purchase nice gifts for everyone. You just have to really watch the sales and have a good idea of what you want to do for each person.
  2. Give meaningful gifts.Most people do not expect expensive gifts. They prefer ones that have a lot of meaning behind them. When you think about gifting your parents or even your grandparents, think about giving the gift of time. A lovely lunch out, pedicures with your mom, time on the driving range with your dad … any time spent together is time well spent. Sometimes the best gifts do not hold any monetary value, they are memories.
  3. Make extra income with a seasonal side hustle.With online platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Depop, Ebay and Instagram, it is really easy to go through your items and sell them. The month of December is one of the best times to sell because some people buy their gifts from those shopping platforms. It also declutters your closet or space for the New Year. As most of you know, I am obsessed with TikTok. Recently I have discovered a side where thrifters are purchasing beautiful pieces of furniture, cleaning them up, and staging them to sell on Facebook Marketplace. These thrift-flips can rack in a ton of money. Next time you are at the thrift store, consider checking out the furniture and seeing if there is anything worth restoring and selling! My brother is the king of side hustles. He does Door Dash. He can pick his hours so he can work weekends when home from college. This is another great option to make some additional cash!
  4. Shop online when possible.Shopping online can save you a ton of money. Next time you head into a store like Target, check the app first to see how much money a product you like is online. Often it will be cheaper on the app/online than in store. This isn’t true for all places, but most stores and even small businesses will offer discount codes. Pay attention to these! If you haven’t already, download Honey. It’s a web browser extension that helps find any discount codes that store may have. Bryce and I use it frequently and it has saved us hundreds of dollars.
  5. Post holiday shop if you have the opportunity.If you are not needing to give out gifts on Christmas or before and have the luxury of giving them after the holiday … you are lucky. The days after Christmas have some of the best sales imaginable. If you don’t already have their gifts, I recommend waiting and buying late. There may not be as much to choose from, but chances are someone will return exactly what you are looking for. I keep my eyes peeled during the summer months to stretch my money. I was able to purchase a very expensive blanket that I’m saving for a Christmas gift for 60% off. I tucked it away, and I’m so excited to give it this Christmas.

There you have it guys! Five easy ways to save and make a little extra cash this season. With COVID, it has been a difficult year, so don’t be afraid to be a little frugal. Do not forget to use cash or debit when you can. Seriously hold off on that credit card so your not welcoming the New Year with a large credit card payment.

Extra Pro Tip: Take advantage of work holiday programs many businesses offer. My company will take a small amount from each of my paychecks towards my Christmas expenses. If you have trouble saving, this helps you have a little nest egg when the holidays come around.

Until Next Time, Spread Kindness.



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