Holiday Apartment Tour – Christmas Decor 2020


Hi Loves,

Welcome to our home! This is by far my favorite blogmas post of 2020. I love decorating for Christmas and have found so much inspiration everywhere from Instagram to TikTok. Last year, Bryce and I were in the process of unpacking our Kansas City apartment. It was so bare! I did put up the tree and a few garlands, but that was pretty much it. This year, we went all out! It feels like Christmas in every sense of the word, and man do I love it.

With all that being said, let’s sleigh on to the photos and check out how I decked these halls!

Heads up … If there is something that I missed in the description, feel free to send me a message and I can let you know where it came from.

Front Door

Simplicity is key when decorating your front door. I stayed with a very green color palette, with accents of green and black. This same color scheme is pretty consistent with the inside of the apartment as well, only with the addition of blue.

My favorite way to decorate a garland or wreath is to add big eucalyptus leaves to it. The leaves add depth and texture that the pine doesn’t have on its own. It also softens the look of everything.

At the base of my door, I added two black lamps from Walmart. They were $13 a piece — which is a steal!

On the inside of the door, I placed my acts of kindness advent calendar. I made this last year. Here’s the post so you can create your own.


The idea of the beaded swag came from a Hearth and Home image that Target had shared. The beads we used to create this look had tassels on them, so we removed those. We placed our command hooks where we thought the swag looked best and then built little green pieces to cover them.

Reindeer: Crate and Barrel

Candle Holders: World Market

Letters to Santa: JoAnn’s

Beaded Garlands: Hobby Lobby

Living Room & Dining Room

With already so much blue in our apartment, you will find no red Christmas decor this year.

I kept our dining room very minimal with decor. We spend so much time at our dining table, I didn’t want to overload it. In addition, I added a living garland to our Facebook Marketplace mirror. The garland was $7 or $9 from Trader Joe’s. I thought that it looked a little sparse on its own, so I added some sprigs of eucalyptus, fairy lights, and gold bells to one corner of it.

Bottle Brush Trees: Crate and Barrel

Centerpiece: Click here to read how I created it!

Living Garland: Trader Joe’s

For Christmas, Bryce’s parents gifted us the coffee table we have been wanting for over a year! Once we received that, our living room feels complete. Bryce and I have been enjoying this space so much. With the Christmas tree and garlands all lit, it feels like we are on the set of a Hallmark movie.

The garlands in the windows came from At Home, and the wooden houses came from the Target dollar section. Each garland also has circle bulb fairy lights!

Pro Tip: Go thrifting for Christmas decor. My mom and I found the perfect stocking for Sky while thrifting. She added a little bit of trim to the top and it’s perfect! Sky’s is the one in the center. Very soon it’s going to be full of bones hehe!

Another thrifted find was this little tree! It’s in great condition and well made – it’s super heavy!

Although we do not have photos with Santa, Bryce and I thought it would be fun to display our first “family” Christmas card. We hope to do this each year from now on. The frame was again thrifted. It was originally from Pier 1. I refreshed it with white spray paint.

Want to make the ornament clusters that I have on my tree? Click here to learn how.

The Bar

One of my favorite spots in the whole apartment… the bar! We have extremely high ceilings, so for Christmas I really wanted to utilize all of the space. My friend Mandi gifted me these amazing wreaths.

To finish off the bar, I added a little bit of green paper trees (from World Market) and wooden nutcrackers that my mom spray painted white for me.

The biggest thing when decorating an open bar is to keep the design very simple. It can be a lot on the eyes with a ton of decor and all the bottles.

To find out more about these wreaths, click here!


Dish: Anthropologie (Old)

Mugs: Miracle Pop-Up Bar

Guest Bedroom

All of the Christmas decor used in the guest bedroom, is from previous years. However, I did create the jars filled with “snow.” You can find the blog post on how to make your own here.

Master Bedroom

I’ve had this tinsel tree since I was in college and I absolutely love it. I don’t see myself ever getting tired of it. The lights I added were inspired by Free People when they used to flood their store with holiday decor.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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