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Hi Loves,

It’s officially SPRING!!!  I’ve been trying to keep up with life and its fast pace.  Blogs I love seem to add something to my life.  So I didn’t want to sit down to write this, rushing and without giving you what you deserve.  I hope this little post adds value to your life, especially if you are trying to grow your hair out like I did.

Many of you don’t know this but my hair was chemically burned in an expensive salon.  I looked like a chemo patient when it was all said and done. The salon over processed my color and overlapped it.  It was thin, brittle, and left me with my self-esteem in a tailspin.  This was my freshman year of college.  It  has taken me four years to grow my hair out and to regain some strength to very damaged hair.  I’m not an expert but here is what helped me.

1. No Dry Shampoo

Ladies—do not complain about your hair feeling dry if you are using dry shampoo.  Take the extra two minutes to style your hair or wash it.  Constantly using dry shampoo has been linked to hair loss because it dries out hair follicles.  Using it too routinely will clog the hair follicle and cause it to fall out or stunt growth.

Stay away from it!  The purpose of using a dry shampoo, aside from it being quick and convenient, is to absorb oils.  But think of your hair like you do your skin — you have to have some natural oils in order to have nice skin, right?  Right!  Natural oils are extremely beneficial to your hair.

If you can’t completely stop using dry shampoo, I recommend using a natural one that is non-toxic.  Only use it if you absolutely have to.

2. Decreasing My Heat Usage

I’m sure this is a given, but not curling your hair and straightening it everyday will seriously help out. I used to be a blow dryer addict and I barely use it anymore. The only time I do is when I’m in a rush and I set it on low.  I really try to avoid it though because it dries my hair out so much … especially in the winter or when I travel.

3. Rinsing My Hair With Room Temperature Water

This is going to sound so weird, but I always wash my hair with room temperature water or something that is a bit chilly.  Although I do love a long, hot shower, my hair does not.  It’s basically like the same concept of using heat on your hair.  It’s not going to help your hair showering in a scorching hot shower — it actually causes breakage and can weaken the hair roots.  I recommend cleaning your body off in water temperature that you desire and then making a quick rinse using colder water.  You’ll almost immediately notice a difference.

Here are just a few of the benefits of washing your hair with cold water:

  • It improves blood circulation to the scalp — this means that your blood will move faster and in return provide all the nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy. Increased blood circulation can also lead to hair growth.
  • Your hair will become shinier and less frizzy. This is a major KEY if you are someone who dyes their hair. Color (and heat) sucks all the life out of your hair and turns it into straw. Whenever I first started showering with cold water, I immediately noticed a difference in how shiny my hair was.

“Cold water helps to seal your hair cuticle making it lay smoothly.  A smoother hair cuticle better reflects light, giving your hair the appearance of shine.” – Refinery 29

  • It wakes you UP!!! Nothing can make you feel more alive than a blast of cold water on your hair. You won’t even need that second cup of coffee to get you going.

4. Deep Conditioner Treatments Twice a Month

Deep conditioner treatments save lives!  More so if you are putting color in your hair.  These treatments do wonders to keep your hair hydrated and breakage free.  I used to go to the salon to have these done, but now I do them at home. Click here for the deep conditioning treatment that I use.  It’s more than worth the splurge because it lasts forever and works like magic.  A lot of times these treatments call for sitting underneath the blow dryer, but I heat up a bath towel while I’m showering so it’s nice and warm and let the deep conditioner get heated up by the towel.

5. Taking a Daily Serving of Vitamins and Collagen

Everyone needs to take vitamins—the benefits of adding fish oil, biotin or even a multi-vitamin into your diet will blow you away. My favorite is biotin because it is the vitamin that is directly correlated to hair & nail growth.  I have been taking Sugar Bear Hair gummies for almost 2 years now. I love them for two reasons:

1. They taste like blue Scooby snacks (If you know, you know.)

2. They make my hair grow freaky fast.

Biotin can also be found in numerous amounts of food.  Cauliflower, fish, mushrooms, almonds, avocados and sweet potatoes are just a few that contain measurable amounts of biotin. Collagen however has been my newfound love.  I am a huge fan of the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides just because of the flavor options they have, but any brand will honestly work.  Collagen is the holy grail of hair growth.  To be a little dramatic, it’s actually the most abundant protein in your body.  As we get older, the amounts of collagen our body naturally makes decreases — that’s why I suggest adding this supplement into your routine.  It provides amino acids (which is what keratin is derived from),  fights off damage to hair follicles, and has been linked to slowing down the amount of gray hairs you grow.

6. Wearing Scrunchies

Guys, I am on a hair band diet right now.  From going to the gym everyday and then coming home after work and putting my hair up … I was over-abusing hair ties.  They were completely pulling out my hair and actually breaking off sections of it. They make so many great alternatives to regular hair ties but my favorite are scrunchies. Lululemon even makes really cute workout ones so there is no excuse why you can’t wear them.  Amazon sells a 36 velvet scrunchie assortment pack for $9.99.

7. Using Hydrating Products Before AND After You Shower

For the longest time I was just using a detangler once I got out of the shower — this is fine and does help, but it wasn’t until I started using a mask right before and after my shower when I noticed my hair felt stronger and happier.  For after the shower, I have been loving the L’ANZA Trauma Treatment.  I drop a nickel size amount of product in my hands and rub this all throughout my ends and where my baby hairs are. This product is masking my hair from UV and heat rays, along with preserving the color in my hair.  I can’t shower without it.

The product that I have started to use before my shower is L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil.  I apply it to my dry hair for 10-15 minutes before I shower.  I only use this product about twice a week because it’s never good to “over product” your hair (again — think of your hair like your skin.)  This product is going to make your hair feel really dry before you hop in the shower.  Then it will become silky smooth — almost like you bathed yourself in conditioner.

Cheers to healthy hair, babes!  See you next Wednesday!


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