Harry Potter Floating Candles DIY


Nawww, I don’t think you understand. I’m OBSESSED.

Last year, when I was scrolling through Instagram, a Pottery Barn Halloween ad caught my attention. Floating candles from the Great Hall to illuminate your home including a remote control for over $100. Not in my wee holiday decor budget. So, I made my own. I’m sharing what products I used and the tips and tricks I’ve learned from my second year of installing the candles above my dinning table. 

Time to make some Wizarding World magic!


  • Candles from Amazon (make sure you can control them with a remote)
  • Fishing line (Walmart)
  • Hot Glue
  • Bulletin Board Push Pins (Walmart)


I think with any DIY project you learn from your mistakes. Trial and error helps guide the easiest and most cost efficient method to creating anything.

  1. Load batteries in candle shaft. 
  2. Tie fishing line on battery cylinder (the piece which fits into the wax candle shell)

Mine are tied in the middle and secured with a little hot glue dot so the fishing line is attached on both sides of the cylinder. This makes the candles hang straight to look as if they are levitating. You shouldn’t use big puddles of hot glue to secure the fishing line. It needs to be flat so it slides easily into the candle shell. Also, wait until the hot glue dries or it will damage the wax cylinder. DO NOT PLACE THE FISHING LINE AND HOT GLUE around the battery component or next year you may regret it. 

3. Very careful, slide the battery cylinder into the wax shell. Take your time. These lovely candles roll off tables so be wiser than myself and place them while working in drink glasses to make it easier to hold on to. 

4. I knotted the ends of the fishing line together for hanging. I liked a variety of lengths above my dinning table. 

5. Many people use command hooks for securing to ceiling. Our apartment has a textured ceiling so that simply wouldn’t work. We used thumbtacks or bulletin board push pins. The clear ones aren’t noticeable and they leave very small holes. 

6. The remote control makes it so easy to turn on and off.

This year I’ve noticed more floating candles then ever and added to the spirited mix are witches hats with lights in them. I’m such a huge fan of the magical, mysterious feel of a room with enchanting candles. This DIY works for small spaces or large ones. Let’s make Harry Potter proud and elevate the mood. 

Until next time, Spread Kindness.


Tie a knot around the inside of the candle right above the battery spot. Use a tiny bit of hot glue to secure it.


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