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October is HERE and the countdown to Halloween has begun!

Let’s kick off spooky season blogs with a costume worn last year…

Alexander Hamilton!

The original idea was a Pinterest pin from Yandy Costumes, way before the movie was ever released. They created an Ali Hamilton Costume. I loved it and tried to buy it on Poshmark, but at $90 it was pricey and gone at the blink of an eye. My next move was ordering a look-alike from Amazon. It was a huge miss. The quality was so bad that I returned it. Using the Yandy Costume as my vision, I selected similar pieces to create my own. Of course, I roped in the help of my mom and my grandma. My grandma at 86 years old helped manipulate the construction of the jacket, giving it the show-stopping details. Costumes are all about the little characteristics making them unique. You need to start with a great base and then embellish it.

Here’s how to create your own Alexander Hamilton and where to gather the goods!

The Tan Unitard: It’s from Amazon. They range in price and style. The one I selected was $12.99 at the time of purchase. I started with this piece as the base. It was neutral, tucked nicely into boots, and form-fitting without being see-through. I recommend reading all the reviews before purchasing. You may want to consider nude leggings and a tank top. It would make using the restroom easier. Just an afterthought from my designing mistakes.

The Jacket: It is blue velvet and no, it didn’t come with the gold trim or gold silk fabric detail. It is actually a men’s costume that I found on Amazon. One of the customers who purchased the coat altered it to fit her using grommets and lacing the back with ribbon. Such a brilliant way to take a men’s costume and fit it to a women’s body. The large gold grommets are found in the fabric section at Walmart for $4.99. The black ribbon was from Hobby Lobby along with around 3 yards of gold trim. The jacket’s lapel and cuffs have gold fabric added to them. We used fabric remnants from Nell Hill’s. It took my grandma’s sewing genius to secure the fabric. We used a combination of glue and sewing and more glue. Fabric glue and clamps are a costume designers best friends. After the fabric was added to the jacket, we secured the buttons back in place.

The details: Colonial Lace Jabot set is from Amazon $7.99. I placed the lace wrist pieces so they showed under the jacket. The Jabot collar piece was too big so I bought a brooch at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and pinned it in place. The broach gave it a girly look and matched earrings I had. I decided to glue some bling on the jacket after I purchased the broach. The rhinestones came by the yard from Jo-Ann’s Fabric. They were easy to glue to the backing of the jacket with E6000 glue. The belt was thrifted for $1.99 and the boots were a Poshmark find I already owned. A white cheerleading bow was the icing on the cake.

I was worried people wouldn’t know who I was dressed up as, so I made a “Hello, My Name is Alexander Hamilton” name tag. The ironic thing was how little people who approached me knew about him. They would try to tell me he was a president (No). It brought new meaning to me watching the movie Hamilton this year. Ahhh, what a character.

Also — This was the perfect costume to wear for a chilly Halloween night.

“I never expect perfect work from an imperfect man” -Alexander Hamilton

(Haha Me when I’m starting a DIY project)

I hope this blog inspires you to create your own costume this spooky season. Start with a base and embellish it with thrift store or vintage finds. It will make the costume more affordable but also very unique. I’m in the works on a costume for this Halloween, including a mask. I’m not sure Bryce will want to match my vision but Sky has no choice. Stay tuned for more Halloween fun!

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