Halloween Home Tour (Apartment Edition)


Hi Loves,

Welcome to my Halloween (hopefully not-haunted) home. Our building was originally constructed in 1861 so a few villains and historical figures have roamed our hallways.

Come in my pretties and stay awhile. Let’s get spooky with my quirky, Halloween “home sweet home” tour.

Before we begin, I want to give a special thank you to Jessi Rabe for capturing our apartment in ways I didn’t think possible. With her wizardry photography skills, she cast a spell on our home by taking magazine quality pictures.

Beware! Upon entering you will receive tricks and treats to elevate your Halloween decor without draining the budget.

The Front Door

As the old tale states, “If one door closes and another one opens, your house is probably haunted.”

Welcome to our haunted home with a life-sized skeleton thanks to Bryce’s Halloween loving dad. Our spider floor mat is from Crate & Barrel. When Bryce and I saw it, we couldn’t resist. It became the inspiration for our front door decor. The striped rug resting beneath it is an affordable $20 Amazon find. Layering rugs in your entryway is not, only a stylish way to welcome your visitors, but also adds rich, textured decor to any door.

I was scrolling Instagram one evening and saw a home with fuzzy spiders climbing their fireplace. Awww…I loved it! Black and white decor is my jam. Paper bats are very popular this season placed around mirrors or around fireplace mantles. However, spiders are unique. The dimensional, fuzzy spiders are from The Dollar Store. You can buy 1 large or 2 medium for $1. They also have a multipack of mini spiders for $1. If you are wondering how to make them crawl up your walls, the solution is simple. Glue a paperclip to the back of each spider with E6000 glue. Use Command Strips Decorating Clip for attaching the spiders to the wall. I love the fact that they are reusable and sturdier than paper. If the spider’s color isn’t to your liking, grab spray paint and make them any color you desire. I have noticed a lot of pink lately in seasonal decor. Maybe, your spiders could be pink this Halloween.

The fence and tombstones are a $20 set from Target. They came with a skull and bony arms. My mom used the skull and arms in a wreath she created. We ended up splitting the set. If you don’t care for the tombstones gray, spray paint them black or tan to match your decor. Bryce said it was over the top. I feel if the broom fits, ride it! LOL!

The Entryway Table

Ever since Lauren Conrad posted a photo of black butterflies in her home versus bats, I knew I had to recreate the look. My mom had old butterfly cardboard pieces that she spray painted black. We bent them in half to add dimension to the wall. If you don’t have cardboard butterflies, print several sizes of butterfly clip art and cut the shape from black poster board or construction paper. I may try next year to add a lot of butterflies flying in different directions to make it look like they are going mad. A haunted house would have more psychotic butterflies in my opinion.

I love natural elements in living spaces. Instead of dried flowers on our entryway table, my mom found tree branches in my grandmother’s yard. We spray painted them black and then attached black and gold leaves with hot glue. The leaves were from Michael’s Craft store. They have a hint of gold to match my Mid-Century modern decor. Tree branches are a very easy to use and an inexpensive way to give your space that indoor/outdoor feel. If a branch is too long, you can simply break it off.

** I had a wall hanging in my college dorm room that was made of tree branches sprayed with gold paint. I hung ornaments and fabric strips from it. I store my branches and use them year after year until they become too brittle. Head outdoors for great, free decor.

The spooky cloth is another Dollar Store find. Do not sleep on the Dollar Store. It is such a great resource for holiday decor. A few Hobby Lobby neutral colored paper butterflies were added to the cloth and vase. I like creating an imaginary story that the neutral butterflies went to the dark side.

The last piece to mention on my entryway table is my beloved Fred (the skeleton). He was purchased at Kirkland’s last year. Fred’s ribcage lights up in rainbow of colors. I love having a light source on an entryway table. It can be used as a nightlight even when you have no electrical outlet.

The Dining Room

To say that I am obsessed with our dining room would be an understatement … haha! It has the Mid-Century modern museum vibes that make my heart so happy.

I was scrolling through Pottery Barn’s website for seasonal decor ideas and came across their version of Harry Potter’s floating candlesticks. The price for the set was a hefty $125! Holy Moly! I knew that I could recreate the same look for a fraction of the price. So, I ordered remote controlled candlesticks from Amazon for $40, wrapped fishing wire around each one, and called my dad to help hang them. We used white push pins to secure to the ceiling. At night time, I feel like I am at Hogwarts having an extravagant dinner. The Amazon candles I chose are wax on the outside of the candle and the batteries are on the inside. It took 2 sets at $20 each. I have 9 candles hanging. One had a tragic death. The candles came with batteries. It will be hard for me to take them down because I love them so much!

My spooky forest table runner is from Target’s John Derian Threshold Halloween Collection. Unfortunately, it was too long for our table. Not being one to waste such a cool piece of fabric art, we cut the runner in half. The leftover fabric was used to make 2 pillows for our couch. It was so simple because the runner was doubled fabric. I used old pillows to stuff the runner. One pillow required sewing on one end to close it up. The other needed stitching on both ends. If you aren’t into sewing, then grab fabric glue and let the magic happen.

Looking a little closer, you may have spied a bat skeleton resting in my centerpiece. This little guy actually hangs upside down, but he ended up landing on my dining table. It gave it all the spooky vibes it was needing. The bat skeleton is from Target. It will hang from any ledge. Sometimes what you intend to do with your decor piece doesn’t always workout exactly the way you envisioned it. That’s the beauty of design! Using an object in a new way making everything just a wee bit more interesting in your space.

The Bar

Our bar is my favorite area in the entire apartment.

Bryce and I have been planning this dream bar for over a year and a half. Our shelves were the final piece to the puzzle. For awhile, Bryce and I were in communication with a coffee shop that had these same shelves and they were going to give them to us. Unfortunately that fell through, but we did end up finding some at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bryce is an avid whiskey collector … as you can imagine, we have quite a few bottles. The shelves provide us with so much storage and do not require much decor. We just added a few velvet pumpkins and a Dollar Store skull along with craft store butterflies hot glued on some thrift store bar books. The neon bar sign came from Easy Tiger in the West Bottoms a year and a half ago. It has been in storage at my parents. Neon signs are very touchy and delicate, so we decided to store it until we had the perfect place for it.

We added our beloved Whiskey Jack print to the bar along with a black mossy plant from Target. The final touch was $1.99 twinkle lights. Lights literally warm up any space.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen was the home to all of our spirits. Half of Bryce’s whiskey collection was housed on our CB2 shelves. Once our floating bar shelves arrived, I had the kitchen shelves back for my favorite cannisters and glassware. The shelves were styled with a real pumpkin from the City Market and a lightup canvas gifted from Bryce’s dad. Last year during Kirkland’s clearance of their seasonal glassware, I picked up my 4 favorite Halloween glasses. The black plants are all from Target. The small succulents were from the dollar section at Target. I placed the large fern in a brass pumpkin from Home Goods.

The Living Room

Here are the pillows in my living room from the leftover fabric table runner. The print is spooky and yet subtle. It has such an Anthropologie vibe. The cool silver bowl with a skeleton hand base is from Marshalls. I used it to place my succulent who is in it’s own pot.

The round spider web pillow is also from Target’s new Halloween collection. I loved the beaded spider on it and the neutral colors. It was a great addition to our living room! The light-up pumpkins are representing Bryce, Sky, and myself. Can you guess who is whom?

The Master Bedroom

Our bedroom has very little Halloween decor in it. Most items were purchased last year; however, the black vases were from the thrift store. We spray painted them and added some fall stems from Hobby Lobby!

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween home tour! Now it’s time to wave your magic wand, sip on some witches brew, and get decorating! I hope this post inspires you to think outside of the box (and maybe be just a little extra). Thanks for joining me!

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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